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HP ProLiant Servers Firmware Access Update


HP is committed to providing you with a comprehensive portfolio of support and services. Through the years, we have continued to invest in best-in-class services professionals, robust tools, and high-quality replacement parts so you can realize the rewards of investing in the HP brand. For most HP products, firmware updates represent a critical piece of intellectual property that enables us to differentiate our products and deliver the innovation that helps your business excel.

HP is asking customers to validate their support coverage in order to access some firmware updates and the Service Pack for HP ProLiant (SPP) ( click here to go to theService Pack for HP ProLiant (SPP) page ).

NOTE: Australian consumers note , our products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Nothing in this change excludes or limits any right or remedy, or any guarantee, warranty or other term or condition implied or imposed by the ACL which cannot be excluded or limited. Therefore, consumers within the meaning of the ACL may still be entitled to updates in accordance with their rights under the ACL (even if they do not have an active support agreement, HP Care Pack or HP Limited warranty).

If you think the ACL applies to you, please email HP via Contact HP ( click here to go to the Contact HP page ) or call our technical support team so that HP can assess your entitlement. For further information on consumer rights, visit ( click here to go to the page Non-HP site ). Australian consumers should read all other provisions outlined in the FAQ subject to this note.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the scope of this change?

    Support Validation applies to all ProLiant generations and includes downloads on HP Support Center ( click here to go to HP Support Center ) for BIOS System ROM & Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD). These downloads are classified as BIOS System ROM.

    Validation is not required for iLO, controller components either embedded or external to the system board, drivers or any other download content in the Drivers, Software & Firmware section of HPSC. This includes safety and security related updates for all firmware.

    HP will also implement validation of HP Support to download the SPP solutions from ( click here to go to the HP Service Pack for ProLiant page Non-HP site ). Content within the SPP solutions, other than select BIOS System ROM files will continue to be available individually without HP Support validation on the HP Support Center section: Driver, Software & Firmware.

    All downloads from HPSC are subject to the "customer terms" received at the time of purchase and/or terms and conditions of the HP Software License Agreement ( click here to view the HP Software License Agreement ).

  2. What forms of support are required to access downloads requiring validation?

    Validation is provided via your HP Support Center (HPSC) account. An overview on setting up your account is available in Chapter 7 of the HP Insight Online User's Guide ( click here to view the HP Insight Online User's Guide ). Once created your HPSC Account ID should be linked to an active warranty , HP Care Pack or support agreement for the specific product being updated ( click here to view the document "How to Link Contracts and Warranties to your HP Support Center User Profile to Access Protected Knowledge and Downloads" ). Customers are authorized to download and use updates for products covered by a support contract or warranty. Customers should familiarize themselves with the service offerings, eligibility requirements, and terms of their support agreement.

  3. How do you determine existing warranty or support contract coverage?

    Use the following tools to check your support coverage:

  4. How do you link a large number of products?

    You can link up to 20 products at a time with HP Support Center Contracts & Warranties ( click here to go to the HP Support Center Contracts & Warranties page ). For larger quantities, the HP Support Center has a capability that enables you to run a single batch job to link up to 2,500 warranty serial numbers, HP Care Packs, or support agreement IDs to your HPSC User profile. To access this capability, click the “Batch link tool” in HPSC’s My IT Environment ( click here to go to the HP Support Center Batch Link Tool page ).

  5. Can multiple HP Support Center user profiles be associated with a single warranty, HP Care pack or Support Agreement?

    HPSC offers two methods to sharing linked identifiers (warranty, HP Care pack or Support Agreement IDs) amongst HPSC users:

    • “Multiple Ownership” - allows any number of users to share a single identifier. Each owner can use the serial number independently.

    • “Single Ownership” - allows a single owner to control an identifier. That owner can share with other HPSC users, but only that single owner can determined who has access to the given identifier. Any number of users can have the identifier shared to them.

    Please click here to contact HP Support Center for further assistance .

  6. Will HP require support coverage validation for “Critical” firmware updates?

    No. Critical related firmware updates (addressing safety and security fixes) will be made available to all ProLiant customers outside of a warranty or support contract and are governed by "customer terms of use". Users are advised to read applicable customer terms carefully before downloading.

  7. I have a support agreement, but am unable to access firmware. Why?

    Ensure the support agreement is active and is linked to your HP Support Center User ID ( click here to view the document "How to Link Contracts and Warranties to your HP Support Center User Profile to Access Protected Knowledge and Downloads" ).

  8. I am an HP partner, how do I obtain access?

    Nothing has changed for our HP authorized partners, which includes our delivery, reseller and OEM partners. If you have concerns, please reach out to your HP partner business or relationship manager.

  9. I still have a question. Where can I go for assistance?

    Click here to see "More Information on Access to HP Support Materials" for additional details .

  10. Who can I contact with additional questions?

    If you have additional questions, please reach out to an HP Sales Representative, HP Authorized Partner or Reseller, or click here to visit Contact HP to access HP via chat or phone .

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