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HP Deskjet 1100C series printers - Product Specifications

Model numbers and list price

Product Number
Introduction List Price
HP Deskjet 1100C Professional Series printer


Serial number location

The serial number can be found on the label at the back of the printer.


Printer description

The HP Deskjet 1100C professional series printer is designed to meet varied small business needs. Besides standard business documents like letters, memos, and faxes, small businesses can now print professional-looking materials such as newsletters, brochures, double-sided flyers, A3 color posters, and bound proposals at short notice and in small quantities. "Too expensive" and "takes too long" need no longer be reasons for not having impressive printed materials.

This printer is also built with simple to use software features such as HP ZoomSmart, Billboard, and Booklet for special print jobs. With a printer that is built for business, expect the sharpest blacks and photo quality colors. It also includes network upgradable options for current workgroups or for future growth.


Printer features

  • Prints everything from postcards to A3 posters.

    • Prints on postcard size to A3 and even oversized A3 media.

    • Main bottom tray - 150 sheets of the media used most

    • Alternative tray for 10 sheets of special media.

    • Rear manual feed provides a straight path excellent for thicker cardstock and labels (takes up to 0.3 mm thickness).

  • Easy-to-use Smart Software Features.

Exclusive software features help to create special print jobs such as direct mailers, brochures, large spreadsheets, handouts, large posters, and other business documents easily.

  • HP ZoomSmart scaling technology - enlarge or reduce work - it is easy.

  • Billboard - create extra-large posters 1.2 meters high.

  • Booklet - prints ordered pages ready for binding.

  • Handout (N-up printing) - print up to eight pages on a single sheet.

  • Two-sided printing - easy steps for perfect double sided documents.

  • Banner - create eye-catching banners.

  • Mirror image - for transfers and for back-lit displays.

  • Produce dazzling documents immediately:

    • Corel (R) Print House (TM) Select 1.1 in the box.

    • Media kit with five pieces of HP Bright White paper.

    • Professional black and color printing.


  • Fast printing - 6.5 ppm black, 4 ppm color.

  • Resolution Enhancement Technology (REt) for crisp black text at 600 x 600 dpi.

  • C-REt and HP Colorsmart II for dazzling color documents at 600 x 600 dpi.

  • Support for DOS, Win 3.1x, Win 95, and Win NT 4.0.

  • Enables sharing on a network via an optional external HP print server.

System requirements


  • 486DX-66 MHz processor

  • 8 MB RAM (Windows 3.1x or Windows 95)

  • 24 MB RAM (Windows NT 4.0)

  • Windows must be installed on the computer's hard drive.


  • Pentium (R) 100 MHz processor

  • 16 MB RAM (Windows 3.1x or Windows 95)

  • 32 MB RAM (Windows NT 4.0)

  • 50 MB free hard disk space for 11 x 17 or A3 size printing (Graphics intensive files may require more disk space.)


Recommended cables

Part Number
HP IEEE-1284 Compliant Parallel Cable
2 meters
DB-25 Male to 36-pin Centronics Male
HP IEEE-1284 Compliant Parallel Cable
3 meters
DB-25 Male to 36-pin Centronics Male



The HP Deskjet 1100C professional series printer contains 26 built-in scalable fonts.


Media specifications

The following are the media sizes that the printer is designed to support:

General Type
Sizes (mm)
Sizes (inch)
Hagaki card (minimum size)
100 x 148
3.94 x 5.83
4 x 6 index card
101.6 x 152.4
4 x 6
A6 card
105 x 148.5
4.13 x 5.85
5 x 8 index card
127 x 203.2
5 x 8
DL envelope
210 x 110
8.27 x 4.33
No. 10 envelope
104.65 x 241.3
4.12 x 9.5
C6 envelope
114 x 162
4.49 x 5.98
Japanese #2
111.1 x 146
4.38 x 5.75
Japanese #3
120 x 235
4.73 x 9.26
182 x 257
7.16 x 10.12
184.15 x 260.35
7.25 x10.5
215.9 x 279.4
8.5 x 11
210 x 297
8.27 x 11.69
215.9 x 355.6
8.5 x 14
257 x 364
10.12 x 14.33
279.4 x 431.8
11 x 17
297 x 420
11.69 x 16.54
Super B (maximum size)
330.2 x 482.6
13 x 19
NOTE: An HP Deskjet 1100C Series printer is also able to print custom-sized media of any dimension between the minimum (3.94 x 5.83 inch, 100 x 148 mm) and maximum (13 x 19 inch, 330 x 483 mm) sizes.

The following are the media weights that the printer is designed to support:

60 to 90 g/m2 (16 to 24 pound bond)
75 to 90 g/m2 (20 to 24 pound)
110 to 200 g/m2 (up to 0.012 in. or 0.3 mm thickness for manual feed)


Media handling

Paper or media handling
Envelope, postcard, label, transparency, plain paper, special or coated paper, glossy paper, photo paper
Three media paths
Primary tray
Paper: up to 150 pages of 16 pound (60 g/m2)
Envelopes: up to 15
Cards: up to 60
Alternative paper feed
Paper: up to 10 pages of 16 pound (60 g/m2)
Envelopes: up to 3 Cards: up to 4
Manual Feed
Individual sheets one at a time up to a thickness of 0.3 mm or 0.012 inch
Output Tray
Paper: up to 50 printed pages of 16 pound (60 g/m2)


Ink cartridges

Print method
Plain paper drop-on-demand thermal Inkjet printing
Cartridge life
51645A black cartridge
51641A color cartridge
840 pages at 5 percent coverage
360 pages at 15 percent coverage
Number of nozzles
51645A black cartridge
51641A color cartridge
300 nozzles
192 nozzles (64 per color)


Memory information

  • 2 MB built-in ROM

  • 2 MB built-in RAM

  • 32 KB receive buffer


Performance specifications

NOTE: The table below shows approximate print speed. Exact figures will vary depending on the system configuration, the software application, and the amount of page coverage.

Color Resolution Enhancement technology (C-REt) is an HP propriety technology that delivers high-quality multi-level color print quality by controlling the amount of ink applied to each pixel location. C-REt takes multi-level color or grayscale information from a computer’s application and converts it to the resolution supported by the printer. For the HP Deskjet 1100C printer, that resolution is up to four drops of ink placed on a 600 dpi grid.

Print speed (EconoFast mode)

Document Type
Pages per minute - A4
Pages per minute - A3
Black text
7 ppm
4.5 ppm
Black text with color highlights
6 ppm
4 ppm
Mixed text with color graphics
5.5 ppm
3.5 ppm
Full page color
2 ppm
1.5 ppm

Print resolution (black and color)

Dots Per Inch (dpi)
Best mode
Black: 600 x 600 dpi
Color: 600 x 600 dpi (with C-REt on special media and plain paper)
Normal mode
Black: 600 x 600 dpi
Color: 600 x 600 dpi (with C-REt on special media)
Color: 300 x 300 dpi (with C-REt on plain paper)
EconoFast mode
Black: 300 x 600 dpi
Color: 300 x 300 dpi


Reliability specifications

Printer usage
3,000 pages per month (black text)
500 pages per month (color)
Mean time before failure (MTBF)
20,000 hours


Physical specifications

Physical Description
With paper tray closed
(W x H x D)
22.8 x 8.8 x 15.0 inches
579.1 x 223.5 x 380 mm
With paper tray fully extended
(W x H x D)
22.8 x 8.8 x 26.3 inches
579.1 x 223.5 x 668 mm
20.7 pounds (9.4 kg)


Electrical specifications

Power requirements

Input voltage
100 to 240 VAC (+ / - 10 percent)
50/60 Hz (+ / - 3 Hz)

Power consumption

3.8 watts
30 watts

Interface specification

Centronics parallel, IEEE-1284 compliant with 1284-B receptacle (ECP)


Environmental specifications

Operating temperature
5 to 40 degrees C (41 to 104 degrees F)
Non-operating temperature (Storage)
-40 to 60 degrees C (-40 to 140 degrees F)
Recommended operating temperature
15 to 35 degrees C (59 to 95 degrees F)
Relative humidity
10 to 80 percent RH non-condensing
Recommended relative humidity
20 to 80 percent RH non-condensing

Noise levels per ISO 9296

Sound pressure LpAm
49 dB(A) (bystander position)



One-year limited warranty


Safety certifications

Safety certifications
(printer with power cord)
EMI certifications
(printer with power cord)
FCC Class B when used with a Class B computing device (USA), VCCI (Japan)


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