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HP 2000C Professional Series Color Printers - Receiving "Lost Two-Way Communication" Error Messages Printing to an HP JetDirect Print Server

ISSUE: When printing to an HP 2000C series printer through an HP JetDirect print server in Windows 98/95, one of the following events may occur:
  • The error "The computer has lost two-way communication with the printer" occurs.

  • After printing the test page from the Toolbox, the Toolbox stops responding. End Task must be used to close the Toolbox. Windows must be rebooted in order to re-open the Toolbox.

SOLUTION: There is no known solution.
WORKAROUND: Disable bidirectional communication in the HP 2000C Configuration program using the steps below.
  1. Close any programs that are running on the computer.

  2. Select Start and then Run.

  3. Type HPRCFG07 (v 1.0 driver) or HPRCFG09 (v 2.x driver) and choose OK.

  4. Select Continue in the next dialogue box.

  5. Remove the check mark from Bidirectional Communication.

  6. Choose OK and then select Restart Windows.

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