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HP Jornada 520 and 540 Series Pocket PC - Managing Power


Because the data and files saved on the HP Jornada are stored in RAM, maintaining a continuous power supply to the HP Jornada at all times is extremely important.

CAUTION: If the HP Jornada runs out of power, all information you have entered is lost Although the Windows for Pocket PC operating system and programs cannot be erased, any added custom settings and programs are erased if power is lost.



The battery is a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. Because the battery is built-in, it is not replaceable. This device does not have a replaceable backup battery.


Battery endurance

Under typical usage conditions, the HP Jornada should operate for approximately eight hours between charges. Some functions, such as listening to music or using CompactFlash cards, use considerable power and may reduce this time significantly. For example:

  • The battery lasts approximately eight hours at a 1:10 usage ratio (one minute of input for every ten minutes of idle).

  • Data is retained for approximately eight days after the message displays stating that the battery is very low.

  • If the battery is completely charged and then the device is not used, the data on the device will be retained for approximately 30 days.

  • With the screen off and at full charge, the MP3 player will play continuously for four hours.


“Battery Low” message

Respond as soon as possible when the HP Jornada displays a dialog box warning of low power. If the device is turned off after getting a “battery low” message, the HP Jornada will retain data for up to seven days.


“Battery Very Low” message

If the Jornada is used after the “battery low” message, a “Battery very low” message appears, and the device shuts down automatically when the power reaches a critically low stage. After the “Battery very low” message appears, the Pocket PC will not turn back on until it is connected to external power and recharged. Data will be retained for five days.


Charging the battery

Because the HP Jornada is charged automatically whenever it is connected to AC power, simply connect the HP Jornada to AC power to recharge when the power is low. While the HP Jornada is connected to AC power, the Notification button/LED indicates the charging status:

  • Amber indicates that the battery is charging (connected to AC power).

  • Green indicates that the battery is fully charged.

The battery charges to capacity in about two hours.


Checking battery strength

To check the remaining power:

  • On the Start menu, tap HP settings . The remaining power is displayed on a status bar at the bottom of the Settings tab.

    NOTE: Under certain conditions, the Power Status icon is displayed on the Command bar in the Today screen. Simply tap the Power Status icon to open the Power control panel.


Conserving battery power

Under normal circumstances, the HP Jornada Standard Battery should provide up to nine hours of continuous use; however, certain tasks require more battery power and deplete the main battery faster. Follow these tips to maximize battery life.

Setting auto-suspend

To conserve battery power, MS Windows CE will automatically turn off or suspend the HP Jornada after a period of continuous idle time.

To set or shorten auto-suspend time

  1. Tap Start , then Settings .

  2. Tap the System tab.

  3. Double-tap the Power icon.

  4. Tap the box to the left of On battery power and On external power settings to place a check mark in the box and enable Auto Suspend .

  5. Tap the drop-down menu to the right of the two power settings in Step 4, and select the appropriate amount of time. Increasing the idle time may decrease battery life.

  6. Tap OK .

NOTE: The HP Jornada uses Intelligent Power Management to automatically turn off after an extended period of inactivity, and to detect and give a warning about active connections when turning off.

Setting power on option

The HP Jornada can also be set to automatically turn on when the screen is touched.

To set the power on option

  1. Tap Start , then HP Settings .

  2. Tap the Preferences tab.

  3. Tap the box next to Tap screen to Power on .

  4. Tap OK .

Setting the HP Jornada display to automatically dim or turn off

Dimming or shutting off the display on the HP Jornada will help conserve battery power. Use the Power Saving tab of the Power Properties dialog to set options for automatically dimming while on battery power, or shutting off the display when system processes that are running (for example, playing music or an Internet connection) will not allow the HP Jornada to auto-suspend.

NOTE: Wireless Internet use requires separately purchased modem and service contract. Check with service provider for availability and coverage in your area. Not all Web content is available.
NOTE: The option to turn off the display when the HP Jornada cannot auto-suspend is selected by default.

Setting automatic dimming

  1. Tap Start , then Settings .

  2. Tap the System tab.

  3. Double-tap the Backlight icon.

  4. Tap the box next to Dim backlight if device is not used for message.

  5. Tap the drop-down menu to the right of the Dim backlight messageand select the appropriate amount of time. Increasing the time may decrease battery life.

  6. Tap OK .

Turning off the display of the HP 540 Pocket PC

  1. Press and hold the NOTIFICATION button on the top of the device. (LED display button to turn off the display.)

  2. Press the LED button again or press the POWER button twice to turn the display back on.

Turning off the display of the HP 520 Pocket PC

  1. Press and hold the TASK button to turn off the display.

  2. Press the TASK button again or press the POWER button twice to turn the display back on.

Other tips for conserving battery power

  • Reduce the brightness of the display - Compensate for low light by increasing the contrast. (See the "Using the HP settings application" section in the User Guide that came with the HP Jornada.) Use the Power control panel to set the auto-dimming feature.

  • Turn off the display manually - To save battery power when connected to a desktop PC, use the ALT + HOT key combination to manually turn off the display without waiting for the automatic display-off feature.

  • Suspend frequently - Use the Power control panel to shorten the length of continuous idle time before the HP Jornada auto-suspends. Press the ON/OFF key or tap Suspend on the Start menu to turn off the HP Jornada when it is not in use, even for a short time.

  • Always use AC power when connecting the HP Jornada to a desktop PC - Note that the HP Jornada will not auto-suspend while it is connected.

  • Turn off sounds - Use the HP settings application to mute the HP Jornada speaker, or use the Sound and Volume control panel to turn on only the most necessary system sounds.

  • Avoid using PC Cards while on battery power - Some PC Cards (especially PC Card modems) use considerable power and will quickly drain the battery.

    NOTE: Use the AC adapter to plug the HP Jornada into external power whenever possible, especially when connecting to a desktop PC, when using a PC Card modem, network interface card (NIC), or other peripheral. Do not let the alarm notification LED flash for a long time.


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