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HP Jetdirect Print Servers - HP Designjet 500, 510, and 800, Printing a Service Print or Cold-Resetting

ISSUE: Printing a service print (Configuration page), or cold resetting, an HP Jetdirect print server in HP Designjet 500, 510, or 800 series printers.
SOLUTION: Follow the instructions below.

Printing a service print

For HP Designjet 500, 510, and 800 series printers with optional HP-GL/2 accessory cards, do the following:

  1. From the front panel message of Ready, press the Down Arrow key to highlight the Setup Menu on the left side of the screen; the plotter icon will also be highlighted on the right side of the screen. Press ENTER.

  2. Press the Down Arrow to Printer Information. Press ENTER.

  3. Press the Down Arrow to Print. Press ENTER.

For standard HP Designjet 500 and 510 series printers, do the following:

Without a HP-GL/2 accessory card, an HP Designjet printer will not produce a service print.

Certain HP Jetdirect information is available from the front panel. Follow the steps below to retrieve this information:

  1. From the front panel message, Ready, highlight the printer icon. Press ENTER.

  2. Press the Down Arrow to I/O Setup. Press ENTER

  3. Highlight Card ID. Press ENTER. The following information is displayed:

    • IP =

    • Mask =

    • GW =

    • Ether = [12 character hardware address of the Jetdirect]

    • FMW Rev = [firmware revision of the Jetdirect]

    • IO Rev = x.x

      NOTE: If other HP Jetdirect information is needed, the HP Jetdirect card can be moved to an HP Designjet or an HP LaserJet printer.

To cold-reset the HP Jetdirect server, do the following:

  1. Press TOP, and highlight the printer icon on the front panel, then press ENTER.

  2. Press UP or DOWN to I/O Setup, then press ENTER.

  3. Press UP or DOWN to Card Setup, then press ENTER.

  4. Press UP or DOWN to Advanced, then press ENTER.

  5. Press UP or DOWN to Reset card, then press ENTER.

Software and firmware solutions

Click here for links to download HP software solutions.

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