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HP Jetdirect 200m Print Server - Product Specifications

Figure 1: HP 200m

The HP Jetdirect 200m print server is a low end input/output (LIO) module that plugs into a printer's LIO slot and provides networking for the printer. It utilizes 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet networking technology and comes with Status and Link-speed LEDs, and a Test/Reset Button.


The main parts of the print server are shown in the following illustration:

Figure 2: Figure 3: Jetdirect 200m

1 - 1- Link lights
2 - 2- Latch
3 - 3- Latch release button
4 - 4- Test button
5 - 5- Network connector
6 - 6- Status light


Firmware features for the HP Jetdirect 200m

NOTE: The firmware is not upgradeable on the 200m; however, there are newer models available that have newer firmware.
  • Firmware Versions by model number: P.21.22 (J6039A), P.24.06 (J6039B), and P.25.08 (J6039C)

  • Synchronize passwords

  • UI in both EWS and Telnet

  • Configuration page

  • Diagnostic page


Printers and Peripherals for the HP Jetdirect 200m

The 200m was designed for use with:

  • HP Color Inkjet printer cp1160: HP's high-performance desktop color printer designed for the office. The cp1160 will also be sold in a "network bundle" package in North America only called the cp1160tn, which will include the 200m print server.

  • HP Color Inkjet printer cp1700: a high-quality, wide-format color Inkjet printer designed for small businesses.

  • Additional LIO-compatible Inkjet and LaserJet peripherals to be released in the future.


Operating system support for the 200m

System requirements

  • 40 MB free hard-disk space

  • CD-ROM drive

Supported network operating systems

  • Microsoft(R) Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, and XP (TCP/IP,IPX/SPX Direct Mode)

  • Windows NT v4.0 or later (TCP/IP,IPX/SPX Direct Mode)

  • Macintosh OS 8.6 or later (EtherTalk)

Supported browsers

(Must be Java(TM)-enabled.)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later

  • Netscape(TM) 5.0 or later

Network types

  • 10/100Base-TX Ethernet/Fast Ethernet with RJ-45 connector

Upgradeable firmware

  • No


Benefits of the 200m

The HP Jetdirect 200m print server provides the following benefits:

  • New compact internal modular design.

  • Easy to install and space efficient.

  • Compatible with HP Web Jetadmin.

  • Embedded Web server.

  • Supports Telnet configuration.


What is LIO?

  • LIO is a new input/output specification design for networking compatible HP printers in small workgroups. It has fewer features when compared to earlier I/O specifications such as EIO. LIO will be first implemented on low-end printers where these restrictions are not applicable.

  • LIO stands for "low-end input/output" and was the name chosen to differentiate the connectivity slot used on these Inkjets from the MIO (medium input/output) and EIO (enhanced input/output) connectivity slots used on other HP printers.

LIO Difference
3.25 x 4.5
2.25 x 3.0
4 watts
2.5 watts
Uses less power
Backplane technology
3.3V parallel signaling technology
<1-volt serial signaling technology
Lower voltage, serial signaling
2 Mbytes/sec
500 Kbytes/sec Initial goal
Slower bandwidth
Available configurations
Token Ring
10/100T Ethernet
10/100T Ethernet
No Token Ring
No Netware/Unix (R)
No upgradable firmware
Hot plug capable
May be inserted into and removed from the printer while on.
Test/Reset button
No - reset through the printer's control panel
Test/Reset button on LIO module
Printed circuit board ("card")
Hot-pluggable cartridge ("module")
Easily installed by the user
Network higher-end printers
Network lower-end printers
Lower-end network printers
Workgroup or Departmental
Small workgroup, corporate or home office
Intended for small workgroups, small business and home office


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