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HP LaserJet 4000 Series Printer - 'Install Toner Cartridge' Error Message on Printer Display

ISSUE: The HP LaserJet 4000 series printer displays an "Install Toner Cartridge " error message on the printer control panel, and the print cartridge is already installed.
SOLUTION: The Transfer Roller assembly may be lifted or unseated. Use the following procedures to check and reseat the transfer roller:
CAUTION: To avoid damaging the transfer roller, never touch the transfer roller with bare hands.
  1. Put on lint free gloves if available to help avoid touching the black rubber part of the transfer roller with bare hands.

  2. Turn the printer so the front is facing you.

  3. Open the top cover, remove the print cartridge and inspect the transfer roller. The transfer roller is underneath the print cartridge. The blue gear on the left end of the transfer roller should deflect approximately .25 to .375 of an inch when depressed, and it should snap back into place when released.

    Figure 1: Inspecting the transfer roller

    WARNING: Do not touch the black rubber part of the roller. Skin oils on the roller can cause problems with print quality.
  4. If the transfer roller is not seated, gently press down on the ends until it snaps into place.

  5. Reinstall the print cartridge and verify that the message has cleared.

  6. If the message remains, inspect the sensor plates on the print cartridge and contact points within the print cartridge cavity of the printer, removing contamination, if necessary. To inspect the sensor plates, perform the following steps:

    1. Open the shutter on the print cartridge. The shutter is a black rectangular plastic piece attached by a silver wire hinge, similar to the wire of a coat-hanger, only heavier. The shutter will rotate, exposing the bluish-green print drum of the print cartridge.

    2. The rotation of the shutter will expose a small rectangular metal plate that contacts a wire loop (sensor) inside of the toner cavity.

      CAUTION: Exposure of the print drum to light, for extended periods of time, will cause permanent damage.
  7. Clean the loop and the contact, if necessary, and inspect for damage.

If the contacts are damaged, contact HP for additional support.

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