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HP LaserJet 4000 Series Printers - Installation Instructions for PCL 6

Printer drivers access the printer features and allow the computer to communicate with the printer (via printer language). Certain printer features are available only from the PCL 6 drivers. Follow the instructions below to install the PCL 6 driver on your system.

Installation options

Within the computer installation program, select from one of these installation options to install the PCL 6 driver: Typical, Custom, or Minimum.

NOTE: The PCL 6 printer driver is the default driver in a Typical installation.
  • Typical installation will install the most commonly used HP printing system components (includes PCL 5e/6, and PS drivers, and HP FontSmart).

  • Custom installation allows you to add any or all of the following Windows printing system components: PCL 6 printer driver, PCL 5e printer driver, PS printer driver, HP FontSmart, HP Resource Manager, and HP Jetadmin. You must install at least one printer driver to use your HP LaserJet printer. Other software may be listed if you are performing an Internet installation.

  • Minimum installation installs only the PCL 6 printer driver.


Installing the PCL 6 printer driver

To install the PCL 6 driver, follow these steps:

  1. Close all running applications.

  2. Insert the compact disc into the CD-ROM drive.

    In Windows 9x, Windows NT 4.0, or 2000

    1. Click Start .

    2. Click Run .

    3. Type D:\SETUP (or the appropriate drive directory letter) in the command line box and click OK.

    In Windows 3.1x

    1. In the Windows Program Manager screen, click the File menu.

    2. Click Run .

    3. Type D:\SETUP (or the appropriate drive directory letter) in the command line box and click OK .

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. The installer will let you choose a method of installation: Typical, Custom, Minimum, or Disk Images. Select Typical , Custom , or Minimum installation. Click Next .

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the install.


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