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HP LaserJet 8000 and 8100 Printers and Mopier Products - Printer will not Pull From a Particular Tray

ISSUE: What should I do when my printer will not pull paper from a particular tray, but pulls correctly from other trays?
SOLUTION: Attempt the following troubleshooting steps:
  1. Verify that the paper guides are installed properly in the non-functioning tray.

  2. On Tray 2 and Tray 3, ensure that the green or blue bar, located to the left of the paper, is inserted into the correct slot in both the front and back of the trays; also ensure that the guide is not skewed.

  3. On Tray 2 and Tray 3, verify that the four white "fingers" are not broken on the back of the tray. Without the green or blue bar present, all four fingers should be in the down position. With the bar in the letter position, the left finger (as viewed from the back of the tray) will be in the up position. In the legal position, the left two fingers will be in the up position.

  4. On Tray 4, attempt the following:

    1. Ensure that the unit is powered on (Tray 4 has its own power source and power chord. (Check to see if the LED on the front of the tray is on.)

    2. Ensure that the unit is connected to the printer's controller board with the C-Link or communication cable.

    3. Ensure that the Tray 1 is not set to FIRST (set it to CASSETTE) or manually designate the paper source as "Tray 4" from the driver properties in the application's print dialogue box.

  5. In the printer’s control panel, determine the Tray 1 mode (it should be either FIRST or CASSETTE).

    1. If you are attempting to print from Tray 1, and it is set to CASSETTE, then verify that the paper size is set to the appropriate size. (You can find both of these options in the Paper Handling Menu, or from a printout of the printer’s Menu Map.)

    2. If you are attempting to print from trays 2-4, and Tray 1 is set to FIRST, then manually choose the tray as the designated paper source (do this from the driver properties inside the application's print dialogue box).

  6. Verify that the paper types of all trays are set to Plain, unless specifically changed.

  7. If a tray is not set to Plain, then you must set the paper type in the application's page setup under paper source.

  8. Print a paper path test from the printer’s control panel under Information Menu and verify the mechanical operation of the tray.

  9. Check the margins of the printed page to ensure that the paper size is correct. If the paper size is incorrect, the print may extend off the page, or the margins will be uneven or unusually wide.

  10. If all of the above steps fail, check the Page Setup within the application to verify that the correct paper source is being used, as well as the correct driver. If necessary, create a new document using the application, or using WordPad/Write.

    NOTE: If you receive a 13.xx Paper Jam message or a 41.3 Improper Paper Size message, refer to the appropriate documentation in your User’s Guide for clearing a paper jam.

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