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HP Color LaserJet 4500, 4550 Series Printers - Reinstall Transfer Belt Message or 54.6 Printer Error

Document number: bpl08143

ISSUE: The REINSTALL TRANSFER BELT message or 54.6 PRINTER ERROR is appearing on the HP Color LaserJet 4500 and 4550 printer display.

SOLUTION: Reseat the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) and verify that the density sensor cleaning brush is installed correctly.

Verify that the ITB is seated correctly

Perform the following steps in order to remove and reseat the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB).

  1. Remove the ITB by lifting it up and out. See Figure 1, call-out 3 for the ITB location.

    Figure 1: Location of cartridges, imaging drum, and transfer belt

    1 - print cartridges
    2 - Imaging drum cartridge
    3 - Intermediate transfer belt (ITB)
  2. Check for broken connectors in the middle drawer. See Figure 2 for the connector location.

    Figure 2: Location of middle front drawer connectors after removing the middle front drawer.

    1 - middle front drawer connector
  3. Check for paper jammed inside the connector on the middle drawer and inside the printer chassis (as shown in Figure 2).

  4. Turn the white knobs on the transfer belt until the little windows are visible.

  5. If the windows are coated with toner, flick the window in an attempt to shake the toner loose.

  6. Remove the middle-front drawer and check the connector as shown in Figure 3.

    Figure 3: Middle-front drawer connector on the middle front drawer

    1 - Middle-front drawer connector

Density cleaning brush Installation

Perform the following steps to verify that the density cleaning brush is installed correctly:

  1. Open the middle-front drawer, which holds the Image Transfer Belt (ITB). See Figure 1, call-out 3 for the ITB location.

  2. Look for the cleaning brush that is mounted in the middle-front drawer on the right side of the printer on the newly exposed area, immediately to the right of the opening.

  3. Power-cycle the printer by turning the printer off, waiting approximately thirty seconds, then turning the printer back on again. Jiggle the drawer while the printer is turning back on.

CAUSE: Sometimes the ITB and the cleaning brush are not seated correctly, the windows on the ITB become clouded, or an internal mechanism becomes lodged if the drawer is opened before the printer has had a chance to complete the calibration process. Figure 4, call-out 1 shows the location and correct position of the cleaning brush (with the bristles turned in towards the printer).

Figure 4: Cleaning the Density Sensor

1- Opening the top drawer and middle-front drawer

2- Cleaning the Density Sensor with the cleaning brush

Contact HP?

If the issue is unresolved, click here to contact HP support ( and provide the following information:

  • Document number (bpl08143) used for troubleshooting and a brief problem description to assist HP support in resolving the issue.

  • Did you receive this message following a paper jam?

  • Did you recently clean the density sensor?

  • Did the printer give a 54.6 PRINTER ERROR in addition to the REINSTALL TRANSFER BELT message?

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