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HP LaserJet 3100 and 3150 Series Products - Driver Installation Instructions for Microsoft Windows XP

Information about the HP driver solution

For the HP LaserJet 3100 and 3150 series products, HP recommends using the latest software to obtain full functionality in Microsoft Windows XP. HP has verified that the latest software will work in Microsoft Windows XP. However, these drivers are not certified for use within the Microsoft Windows XP environment, causing a digital signature warning message to appear upon installation.

HP LaserJet 3100 series products

There are no Windows XP drivers available for the LaserJet 3100.

HP LaserJet 3150 series products

Version 197D or later of the product software is required for proper functionality within Windows XP. The drivers and some of the software will not be available for download from the Web due to licensing restrictions and size. To install the entire product software, including drivers, it will be necessary to use the CD that shipped with the printer.

NOTE: However a Host-based printer driver is available at the HP website for HP LaserJet 3150 series printers.

Click here to download the HP LaserJet 3150 printer driver for Microsoft Windows XP .


Installing HP Solution

The Microsoft Digital Signature feature

The Microsoft Digital Signature feature in Windows is a tool the operating system uses to notify users about software being installed on the system. This feature provides users with three modes of operation:

  • Prevention of unsigned devices from being installed.

  • Warnings when installing unsigned devices.

  • Always install unsigned devices.

Currently, HP provides Microsoft Windows XP printer drivers that are not certified for use within the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System. A warning message might appear indicating that these drivers are not signed for Windows XP. If this notification is encountered, select Yes and click OK to install the drivers.

Installation instructions

NOTE: HP recommends uninstalling any product software before upgrading the operating system. After the operating system has been upgraded, reinstall the product software.
  1. First install the HP LaserJet 3150 series product software using version 197D or later.

  2. Connect the device.

NOTE: If the HP LaserJet 3150 series product is connected to a computer running Windows XP before version 197D of the software is installed, a prompt for a CD appears. The HP LaserJet 3150 product software CD contains a print-only driver but has not been certified for Windows XP. Therefore, a digital signature message may be displayed.

Resolving errors after installation

If there are errors (no print or scan capability or communication related) after the software install, it may be necessary to reinstall the software separately from the drivers. If the drivers loaded successfully, but the software did not, run the CD-ROM installation again, selecting Custom Install . When the option screen to select software components appears, select only the HP Jetsuite software, the scanning software and the Readiris PRO software.

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