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HP Color LaserJet 4600 Series Printer - Installing and Uninstalling the Printer Driver for Macintosh


This document provides information about system requirements and procedures for installing and removing the HP Color LaserJet 4600 printing system software for Macintosh operating systems. It also provides lists of available and supported fonts.

System requirements

The following system requirements are necessary to install and use the HP LaserJet printing system software on Macintosh operating systems:

  • 68-kilobyte processor

  • Macintosh OS 8.6 or later

  • 16 MB RAM

  • 20 MB available disk space


Macintosh component descriptions

The sections below describe the printer software available to Macintosh computers:

HP LaserJet PPDs

These PS printer-definition files for HP LaserJet printers are installed to the Printer Descriptions folder, which is in the Extensions folder, within the System folder.

PPDs, in combination with the Laserwriter driver, provide access to the printer features and allow the computer to communicate with the printer. An installation program for the PPDs is provided on the printing software CD-ROM.

For Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x, the Apple Laserwriter 8 driver must be installed to use the PPD file. Use the Apple Laserwriter 8 driver that came with the Macintosh. For Mac OS X, use Print Center to print.

PDEs (Mac OS X)

Printer Dialog Extensions (PDEs) are code plug-ins that provides access to printer features, such as number of copies, automatic two-sided printing (duplexing), and quality settings. An installation program for the PDEs and other software is provided on the printing software CD-ROM.

HP LaserJet utility

This Hewlett-Packard printer utility is installed to the HP LaserJet folder in Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.1 Macintosh systems. It provides configuration and management support for PS and PCL printers.

HP LaserJet Utility allows control of features that are not available in the driver. The illustrated screens make selecting printer features from the Macintosh computer easier than ever. Use the HP LaserJet Utility to do the following:

  • Customize the printer’s control panel messages.

  • Name the printer, assign it to a zone on the network (if applicable), download files and fonts, and change most of the printer settings.

  • Set a password for the printer.

  • From the computer, lock out functions on the printer’s control panel to prevent unauthorized access.

Installation notes

This text file contains important information about printer features, instructions for installing the printing-system software, and technical assistance.

Colorsync profiles

These text files contain color-matching information for the Macintosh system and HP LaserJet color printers.

Online Help

This HTML-based Help system replaces the Apple Guide help system provided with earlier HP printers. The Help system can be viewed through a browser or in the Macintosh OS Help Center.

HP Auto Setup utility

This utility is installed to the Startup Items folder of Macintosh OS 7 and newer Macintosh systems. It provides assistance to set up a new printer, then places itself in Trash.

Screen fonts

These screen fonts are available only for Macintosh computers and Macintosh compatibles. The screen fonts match the printer fonts, allowing the screen to show how the printed page will look.

Font support

To ensure that all installed fonts can be used with the HP LaserJet printer, the Macintosh printing system includes the standard 35 screen fonts in the following 11 families:

  • Avant Garde

  • Helvetica Narrow

  • Times(TM)

  • Bookman

  • New Century Schoolbook

  • Zapf Chancery

  • Courier

  • Palatino

  • Zapf Dingbats

  • Helvetica

  • Symbol

The Macintosh printing system also includes the HP 45 XPS font families:

  • Clarendon Condensed Bold

  • Symbol

  • Albertus Medium

  • Coronet

  • Times New Roman

  • Antique Olive

  • Courier

  • Univers

  • Arial(R)

  • Garamond

  • Univers Condensed

  • CG Omega

  • Letter Gothic

  • Wingdings

  • CGTimes

  • Marigold

The following bitmap screen fonts reside on the HP LaserJet printer:

  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book

  • Helvetica

  • Palatino

  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book Oblique

  • Helvetica Bold

  • Palatino Bold

  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi

  • Helvetica Bold Oblique

  • Palatino Bold Italic

  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi Oblique

  • Helvetica Oblique

  • Palatino Italic

  • ITC Bookman Demi

  • Helvetica Narrow

  • Symbol

  • ITC Bookman Demi Italic

  • Helvetica Narrow Bold

  • Times Bold

  • ITC Bookman Light

  • Helvetica Narrow Bold Oblique

  • Times Bold Italic

  • ITC Bookman Light Italic

  • Helvetica Narrow Oblique

  • Times Italic

  • Courier

  • New Century Schoolbook Bold

  • Times Roman(TM)

  • Courier Bold

  • New Century Schoolbook Bold Italic

  • ITC Zapf Chancery Medium Italic

  • Courier Bold Oblique

  • New Century Schoolbook Italic

  • ITC Zapf Dingbats

  • Courier Oblique

  • New Century Schoolbook Roman

The following fonts are resident on all HP LaserJet printers, but can be used by Macintosh platforms only by installing additional screen fonts. Use these screen fonts directly from the HP LaserJet software CD browser, or obtain them from the HP LaserJet 4600 Web site. Click here to obtain fonts (

  • Albertus Extra Bold

  • CG Times Italic

  • Marigold

  • Albertus Medium

  • Clarendon Condensed Bold

  • Symbol

  • Antique Olive

  • Coronet

  • Times New Roman

  • Antique Olive Bold

  • Courier

  • Times New Roman Bold

  • Antique Olive Italic

  • Courier Bold

  • Times New Roman Bold Italic

  • Arial Courier Bold Oblique

  • Times New Roman Italic

  • Arial Bold

  • Courier Italic

  • Univers Bold

  • Arial Bold Italic

  • Garamond Antiqua

  • Univers Bold Italic

  • Arial Italic

  • Garamond Halbfett

  • Univers Condensed Bold Italic

  • CG Omega

  • Garamond Kursiv

  • Univers Condensed Medium

  • CG Omega Bold

  • Garamond Kursiv Halbfett

  • Univers Condensed Medium Italic

  • CG Omega Bold Italic

  • Letter Gothic

  • Univers Medium

  • CG Omega Italic

  • Letter Gothic Bold

  • Univers Medium Italic

  • CG Times

  • Letter Gothic Italic

  • Univers Italic

  • CG Times Bold

  • CG Times Bold Italic

  • Wingdings

  • CG Times Bold Italic


Installing the Macintosh printing system

On a Macintosh-compatible computer, the installation procedures are the same for a network administrator, a network client, and a single user. Install the software on any computer that has access rights to the printer.

The Macintosh partition contains an installer program for each language. Find the language appropriate for the operating system being used, and use the installer program for that language.

NOTE: If the computer is connected to the printer by a Localtalk (Printer Port) or Ethertalk connection, the Appletalk (or Network) control panel must be configured for the correct connection to communicate with the printer.
NOTE: The HP LaserJet printer must be set up, connected to the computer, and turned on before the software is installed.
NOTE: Macintosh OS systems do not support parallel connections. It is necessary to use a USB connection for a direct connection to a computer running Macintosh OS.
NOTE: The universal serial bus (USB) is not a standard connection on the HP Color LaserJet 4600 printer. It is available through a Jetdirect EIO solution with the correct Jetdirect firmware version (A.00.11).

To install the HP LaserJet printer software for Macintosh OS

  1. Insert the CD-ROM that came with the Macintosh printer software into the CD-ROM drive.

    NOTE: If the CD screen does not open automatically, double-click the CD-ROM icon on the desktop to open the CD-ROM window.
  2. Open the HP LaserJet Installers folder. Find the Installer icon for the appropriate language. Double-click the Installer icon to launch the Installer. In the opening dialog, click Continue .

  3. The main Installer dialog box appears. Click Install and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the software installation.

  4. When software installation is complete, click Restart .

  5. Run the Apple Desktop Printer Utility.

  6. Click Printer (USB) and then click OK .

  7. Click Change in the USB Printer Selection area.

  8. Select the LJ 4600 Printer (USB) and then click OK .

  9. Click Auto Setup . This attempts to match a PPD file and USB driver to the printer. If this fails, click Change , scroll through the list, click HP LaserJet XXXX (with xxxx being the HP LaserJet printer model number), and then click Select .

  10. Click Create .


Uninstalling the Macintosh Printing System

To uninstall the Macintosh Printing System, drag the PPDs and the unwanted component(s) to Trash.

In-box disk layout

The Macintosh Printing System consists of one file: the HP LaserJet Installer - Integrated installer program.


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