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HP Color LaserJet 5500 and 5550 Series Printers - Installing the Fuser


The image fuser kit contains a replacement fuser for the HP Color LaserJet 5500 series printer.

Replace the fuser when the printer control panel displays REPLACE FUSER KIT . For help press ? .

NOTE: Some of the printer accessories shown in this document are optional and may not have been included with the printer originally.

Installing the fuser


Figure 1: Opening the top cover

1. Using the side handles, open the top cover.
WARNING: The fuser might be hot. Wait 10 minutes before proceeding.

Figure 2: Loosening the thumb screws

1 - Thumbscrew
2. Completely loosen the blue thumbscrews on either side of the fuser.

Figure 3: Removing the fuser

1 - Grasp fuser here
3. Grasp the ends and pull straight up to remove the fuser. Caution: Grasp the fuser by both ends, or the printer may be damaged.

Figure 4: Unpacking the new fuser

4. Remove the new fuser from the bag. Place the used fuser in the bag for recycling. See the enclosed Recycling Guide for recycling instructions, or click here to go to the HP Product Return and Recycling Web page for more information about HP recycling programs.

Figure 5: Replacing the fuser

5. Grasp the sides of the fuser and lower it into the printer. Press firmly to seat it in position.

Figure 6: Tightening the thumb screws

1 - Thumbscrew
6. Tighten the blue thumbscrews.

Figure 7: Closing the top cover

7. Close the top cover. After a short while, the control panel should display NEW FUSER KIT= .

Figure 8: Control panel

8. On the control panel, press (Down button) to highlight YES , and then press (Select) to reset the fuser count.


Replacing the fuser when it is not at end of life

If the fuser is replaced before it is at the end of its life, for instance if it is defective, it will be necessary to reset the fuser count through the control panel.

To reset the fuser count, complete the following steps:

  1. Press (Select) to enter the MENUS .

  2. Press (Down button) to highlight CONFIGURE DEVICE .

  3. Press (Select) to select CONFIGURE DEVICE .

  4. Press (Down button) to highlight RESETS .

  5. Press (Select) to select RESETS .

  6. Press (Down button) to highlight RESET SUPPLIES .

  7. Press (Select) to select RESET SUPPLIES .

  8. Press (Down button) to highlight NEW FUSER KIT .

  9. Press (Select) to select NEW FUSER KIT .

  10. Press (Down button) to highlight YES .

  11. Press (Select) to reset the fuser count.


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