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HP Color LaserJet 4500 and 4550 Series Printers - Printing Blank Pages

All printouts, including printer test pages, exit the printer blank. Verify internal printer tests, including a Configuration page and an engine test, print out blank. Also make sure the printer is not connected to the network before troubleshooting.

To print an engine test, simply push the button located in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Engine test button


There are several issues that can cause blank pages. Follow the troubleshooting steps in the order they appear in the document to isolate the cause.

Blank pages that match the number of pages requested can be caused by several issues. See below for details.

The laser beam is blocked or the laser shutter is not opening

  1. Open the middle-front drawer and remove the ITB.

  2. Open the drum drawer and remove the imaging drum.

  3. Locate the tab on the left-front corner of the drum cover (Figure 2). This tab opens the laser shutter. If missing, the imaging drum cannot open the shutter.

  4. Manually open and close the laser shutter once the imaging drum is removed (use the tab on the imaging drum as a reference for locating the laser shutter).

  5. Verify that there is no media behind the drum area that could be blocking the laser scanner.

Figure 2: Imaging drum

1 - Tab on the imaging drum cover


The imaging drum is not rotating

  1. Open the drum drawer.

  2. Verify that the drum drawer bushing (Figure 3) on the right-hand side of the drawer is intact.

Figure 3: Drum drawer bushing

NOTE: If this gear is missing, the drum will not rotate causing blank pages.


The blue gear on the imaging drum is missing

If the blue gear is missing on the imaging drum (see Figure 4, Call-out 1), the number of blank pages will match the number of pages requests, including internal print jobs. For example, if a Configuration page is requested for a printer with a network card, two blank pages will print.

Figure 4: Blue gear on the right side of the imaging drum

1 - Blue gear


Contact HP?

If the issue is unresolved, click here to contact HP support ( and provide them with the following information:

  • Document number (bpl12801) used for troubleshooting and a brief problem description to assist HP support in resolving the issue.

  • Did a Configuration page and engine test print blank?


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