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HP Color LaserJet 9500 and 9500mfp Series Printers - Installing the Image Fuser Kit


This document explains the steps for installing the Image Fuser Kit. It also provides information about how to order the Image Fuser Kit and other HP supplies.

Each Image Fuser Kit contains one fuser.

Figure 1: Contents of the Image Fuser Kit


About the Image Fuser Kit

The Image Fuser Kit should be replaced after every 100,000 pages of printing. When the counter reaches 100,000 pages, the printer stops printing until the kit is replaced and the count is reset at the control panel.

Hewlett-Packard recommends that a replacement Image Fuser Kit be ordered when the "ORDER FUSER KIT" message first appears on the control panel display.

Replace the Image Fuser Kit when the "REPLACE FUSER KIT" message appears on the control panel display.


Ordering HP supplies

The part number for the Image Fuser Kit for the HP color LaserJet 9500 series printer is C8556A.

HP supplies can be ordered online through one of the following options:

Ordering directly through the embedded Web server Ordering through the Internet-Enabled Supplies Ordering feature

In a network environment, use the following steps to order printing supplies directly through the embedded Web server. (See the user reference guide for more information about the Embedded Web server.)

  1. In the Web browser, type the Internet Protocol (IP) address for the printer home page. This opens the Device Status page.

  2. In the Other Links section, click Order Supplies . A new browser window opens and a privacy agreement appears. After the agreement is selected, the order supplies Web site appears.

  3. Select the desired part numbers and follow the instructions on the screen.

Ordering through the Internet-Enabled Supplies Ordering feature

Supplies can be ordered using the Internet-Enabled Supplies Ordering (IESO) feature. Use the Web site nearest the geographic location from which the order is being placed:


Installing the Image Fuser Kit

Use the steps in the following table to install the fuser.


Figure 2: Printer power switch

1. Turn the printer power switch off.
CAUTION : The fuser is very hot. Let the printer cool down for at least 30 minutes before attempting to remove the fuser.

Figure 3: Output device moved away from printer

2. If an output device is installed on the left side of the printer, move it away from the printer.

Figure 4: Lower left door opened

3. Open the lower door on the left side of the printer.

Figure 5: Duplexer pulled out of printer

4. If the duplexer is installed, push down the green duplexer-release tab. Grasp the center handle and pull the duplexer out until it stops. It is not necessary to completely remove the duplexer.

Figure 6: Blue fuser levers rotated inward to horizontal position

5. Rotate each blue fuser lever inward until it is in the horizontal position, making sure not to pinch any fingers when the levers are released.

Figure 7: Fuser pulled out of printer

6. Using the black fuser handles, pull the fuser partially out of the printer. Grip the handles firmly and pull the fuser out until it stops. Then lift the fuser out of the printer.
The fuser is heavy and might be hot.

Figure 8: Fuser removed from packaging

7. Remove the new fuser from its packaging.

Figure 9: Fuser inserted into printer

8. Align the fuser with the black guide-rails inside the printer. Pushing against both ends of the fuser, slide it completely into the printer. Rotate the blue levers outward until they click into place.

Figure 10: Duplexer moved back into place

9. Slide the duplexer into the printer until it clicks into place.

Figure 11: Lower left door closed

Close the left door. Reattach any previously removed output device.
If the door does not close, make sure that the blue fuser levers are in the vertical position.

Figure 12: Printer power switch

11. Turn the printer power switch on.

Figure 13: Control panel used to reset kit life-count

12. If "NEW FUSER KIT" appears on the control panel display:
  1. Use (Up button) or (Down button) to scroll to YES.


    If NO is selected or no selection is made, the printer remains offline until the kit is replaced and YES is selected.

  2. Press (Select). The kit life-count is automatically reset.

    If "NEW FUSER KIT" does not appear:

  1. Press (Select) to open the menus.

  2. Use (Up button) or (Down button) to scroll to CONFIGURE DEVICE, then RESETS, and then RESET SUPPLIES.

  3. Scroll to NEW FUSER KIT, and then select YES to reset the kit life-count.

Figure 14: Supplies status page

10. Print a supplies status page from the control panel to verify that the printer recognizes the new fuser that has been installed (Image Fuser Kit is reset to 100% life remaining).
  1. Press (Select) to open the printer menus.

  2. Press (Down button) to scroll to INFORMATION MENU, and then press (Select).

  3. Press (Down button) to scroll to SUPPLIES STATUS, and then press (Select).

Figure 15: Used fuser placed in packaging

13. Place the used fuser in the packaging from the new fuser.


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