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HP LaserJet 4050 and 4100 Series Printer - Mac OS: Connecting to a Macintosh Computer


Two solutions exist for connecting an HP LaserJet 4050, 4050 T, 4050 SE or HP LaserJet 4100 printer to a Macintosh computer: a hardware solution, and a software solution.

NOTE: The HP LaserJet 4050 N, 4050 TN, 4100N, 4100TN and 4100DTN printers are Macintosh ready. Obtain the appropriate cabling needed for use (see cabling recommendations below).


Hardware solution

The HP LaserJet 4050, 4050 T, 4050 SE and HP LaserJet 4100 printers require additional HP accessories and cabling to become Macintosh compatible. The required accessories for the printers are:

Print driver

An Apple LaserWriter printer driver must be installed and configured on the Macintosh. The Macintosh OS ships with an HP LaserWriter driver.

HP Jetdirect card

Part Number
10 BaseT
100 BaseT
Standard on the 4050N and 4050 TN
Standard on the 4100N, TN and DTN
NOTE: These are multi-protocol cards which can be used for (depending on the specific card) LocalTalk, EtherTalk, Novell Ethernet, IBM LAN Server, Microsoft (R) LAN Manager, HP UNIX (R), SunOS, or SCO UNIX. When installed in the printer, these HP Jetdirect cards will automatically switch protocol.


For connections using only the J4135A card, the 8 MB (or more) of memory in the printer is sufficient. For all other cards, a minimum of 16 MB of memory is required. The HP LaserJet 4050 and 4050 SE models typically require 8 MB additional memory to bring the printer to the 16 MB minimum. HP LaserJet 4050 N and 4050 TN models come with the minimum of 16 MB RAM already installed.

  • Part Number C4136A, 8 MB DIMM

  • Part Number C4137A, 16 MB DIMM

Cabling (LocalTalk port only)

Part Number 92215S, Din-8 direct serial connection.

NOTE: HP also provides cables for RJ-45 or BNC connection. See an HP authorized dealer or HP Sales Office for more information.


Software solution

Third-party vendors have developed software products that convert files from Macintosh PostScript (R) or QuickDraw output into PCL output, which the HP LaserJet printer understands. Some of these converters connect to the serial or parallel port on the printer. In this instance an HP Jetdirect network card is not required. This solution is not ideal but may be less expensive and adequate for some individuals. HP does not recommend this solution for connecting the printer since some features for which the printer was purchased may be lost.

The following third-party vendor(s) may provide a software translator driver and cable allowing you to print from a Macintosh.

Strydent Software (formerly InfoWave Software Inc.)

Software: PowerPrint (

NOTE: HP does not test or guarantee the performance of these third-party translators. When shopping for a translator, make sure to compare quality. They can vary from near PostScript level 2 emulation quality graphics and text, to 72-dpi graphics and text. They can also vary in speed. Some translators will require additional memory in the printer, and some will come with a cable to connect the printer to the Macintosh.


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