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HP Designjet 5000 Series Printers - How to Force a System Software Upgrade

ISSUE: How to force a system software upgrade to the printer.
SOLUTION: Follow the steps below:
  1. Unload any media from the printer.

  2. Run the "System Maintenance.exe" application.

  3. Select the option to check the printer for the latest system software as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Verifying latest system software.

  4. Press Cancel on the automatic searching dialog box.

  5. A new warning may appear, press OK to continue.

  6. Enter the IP address for the printer following these steps:

    1. Select the "New" option in the File Menu.

    2. Enter the IP address on the new dialog box.

  7. The recently introduced IP address may not appear on the system software application. To refresh the printer, go to the View Menu and select All printers option.

  8. Select the printer IP address on the main screen, and go to Media, then Add Profile menu.

  9. Select All Files on the Files of type drop-down list. As shown in Figure 2, look for the system software file to download.

    Figure 2: Selecting the system software file

  10. Select the file and press Open to start downloading the file.

The descriptions of the name files are as follows:

  • DJ5000_A0114.fmv is the RTL firmware for DJ5000 version 0.01.14

  • DJ5000PS_A0114.fmv is the PS firmware for DJ5000 version 0.01.14

  • DJ5000DEMO_A0114.fmv is the Demo file for DJ5000 version 0.01.14

    NOTE: The demo file applies to the PS printer only.

Once the system software begins to download, the Designjet System Maintenance Utility will display the message, "Warning: Do Not Turn Printer Off." The front panel of the printer will display a message indicating the percent of the file that has been downloaded.

When the download is complete, press OK to finish the process. The printer will verify file consistency, and start upgrading the printer showing the front panel message, "Upgrading printer please wait."

Once the printer has finished the upgrade, the printer will reboot.

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