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HP Digital Sender 9100C - How to Configure the HP Digital Sender to a LAN Fax


To configure the HP Digital Sender 9100C to a LAN Fax, first configure the work area and install the Digital Sender Service, then use the Digital Sender’s embedded web server to configure the fax settings


Configure the work area directory and the Digital Sender Service

  1. Make sure the work area directory has been created. This is usually the hpfscan directory. This directory is either created by the installation of the LAN fax software or manually. Share this directory and make sure this directory can be seen from the computer on which the Digital Sender Service is installed.

  2. Prior to the installation of the HP Digital Sender Service:

    1. Install only on a Windows NT computer.

    2. Make sure the HP Digital Sender Service user name has administrator rights.

    3. Make sure the user name has a password that never expires.

    4. Make sure the user name has "Log on as Service" rights. By default the administrator user will not have Log on as Service Rights. This will have to be granted to the user. If an HP Network Scanjet 5 scanner is on the network, the HP Digital Sender Service can be installed on the Windows NT server the HP Network Scanjet 5 scanner service is on. This then will manage both the HP Network Scanjet 5 scanner and the HP Digital Sender.

  3. Run the master setup on the HP 9100C Digital Sender CD.

    1. Click Install the HP Digital Sender 9100C .

    2. On the type of installation screen click HP 9100C Administrator .

    3. In the component screen: uncheck Administrator software, and check HP Digital Sender Service. Click Next . (See Figure 1.)

      Figure 1: Digital Sender Service Installation

    4. Enter HP Digital Sender User name information: user name and password (created from the steps above).

    5. A question will appear prompting for the addition of the Fax Service Functionality; Click Yes to add.

    6. Choose a vendor from the list of LAN Fax vendors, and browse to the Work Area Path (created from the steps above). (See Figure 2.)

      Figure 2: Selecting the LAN/FAX vendor

    7. A reminder message will pop up prompting to make sure the HP Digital Sender Service user has read/write access to the work area.


Use the Digital Sender embedded web server to configure the Digital Sender

Open the embedded web server of the Digital Sender by typing its IP address into a web browser as you would a URL.

In the left side menu:

  • Click Settings

  • Click Send to

  • Click Fax

The following are brief descriptions of the available settings to configure.

  • Disable Fax Select this option to suspend the fax service. The control panel function key will disappear.

  • Enable Network Fax Select this option to allow the digital sender to send faxes using one of the supported network fax servers.

  • Enable Internet Fax Select this option to allow the digital sender to send faxes using an Internet fax service provider.

  • Network Fax

You have two options depending on the type of fax service on your network – Network fax or Internet fax.

Choosing Enable Network fax

  1. Type the network name or IP address of the computer that is running the HP Digital Sender Service (for example, or in the area labeled HP Digital Sender Service Network Name or IP Address . The digital sender service allows the digital sender to talk to the Network Fax server.

    If you choose to enter the network name, ensure the DNS and/or WINS name resolution is enabled.

  2. In the Vendor Name drop down menu, select the vendor for the Network Fax Server product that is connected to your network.

  3. Click Configure LAN Fax. On the page that follows, configure the document acquisition and transmission settings used by the digital sender for network faxing. Only supported features for the current Network Fax server vendor are enabled.

Choosing Internet Fax

Click Configure Internet Fax to configure the digital sender to send faxes using an Internet fax service provider.

Fill in or select the following settings:

  1. Domain Name - Type the Internet fax server provider address.

  2. Address Format - Internet fax works with two different addressing schemes. Select the option recommended for your installation:

    • Standard - addressing is number@domain and used for Internet fax.

    • Fax for Domino - specific addressing for Lotus Domino Fax.

  3. Default Billing Account - Type the default account defined by the administrator. This account must be registered with the Internet fax server provider. Users can override this default setting if they want to change the account to use for a particular fax job. From the Digital Sender control panel, users can also select their names (like in the "From:" field in an E-mail). In this case, the E-mail address defined for the user is used as the account for the fax job. Because this account is also used by the Fax service provider to notify the fax delivery, the E-mail address must be valid.

  4. Fax File Format - Select the file format of the attachment that is sent to the Internet Fax service provider. You must verify that the file format selected is compatible with your Internet fax service.


Using HP Jetadmin if the Digital Sender does not have an embedded web server

If your Digital sender does not support the embedded web server feature and you have HP Jetadmin installed, you can use HP Jetadmin to configure the fax settings.
NOTE: HP Jetadmin has been discontinued and is no longer available to download. HP Jetadmin is part of the initial installation of the digital sender from its CD-ROM, and so it should be present on most systems. Otherwise the recommended procedure is to use the embedded Web server as described above.

Run HP Jetadmin.

  1. Under Options , uncheck Interview Mode . This will put HP Jetadmin in Expert mode.

  2. Right-click the HP Digital Sender and click Modify .

  3. Click the Fax tab and Network Fax Server . (This is a functionality of Firmware 3.0.)

  4. In the HP Digital Sender Service box, enter the Network Name or IP address of the computer that has the HP Digital Sender LAN Fax Service installed on it.

  5. In the LAN Fax Server box, choose the Product Name in the dropdown list. (See Figure 3.)

    Figure 3: Select the Product Name

  6. Check notifications as needed (for fax transmission status), check Billing Account if necessary.

  7. Click OK .

  8. Check the Enable Fax box.

Add Fax destinations to the public fax address book:

  1. In Address Book Manager, click Public Fax .

  2. Click File and New .

  3. Fill in the information in the Fax dialog box and click Add .

  4. Repeat Step c for each fax destination.

  5. Click Close when finished.

  6. Send a test document.

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