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HP Notebook PCs - Quick Restore Fails to Restore Pre-Installed Software


After using the Quick Restore CD (QRCD) to restore the notebook to factory settings, one or more of the following errors is displayed.

Error - 1802: Image File is Invalid or Corrupted is displayed when accessing the QRCD disk:

Error - CDR104: Door Open Reading Drive Q, Abort, Retry, Fail? is displayed when selecting the restored factory image.

Error - No Operating System Found is displayed after restarting the PC.


Early versions of the QRCD, those created prior to June 2003, had problems that have since been corrected. If a ze4200 or ze4300 series computer experiences this problem, it's likely that the QRCD being used is old. To resolve this issue, order a replacement Quick Restore CD. There is no charge for this QRCD.

NOTE: The Quick Restore returns the computer to its original factory condition. It will be necessary to reinstall all the software that was added to the computer.

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