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HP Designjet 500, 510, and 800 Series Printers - Replacing the Cutter

ISSUE: How to replace the cutter assembly in an HP Designjet 500, 510, or 800 series printer.
SOLUTION: Follow the steps provided below:
  1. On the printer's front panel, using the Arrow keys, scroll to the Set-up menu (icon in lower-right corner of the display) and press Enter .

  2. Press the Down Arrow key and the Enter key simultaneously.

  3. Scroll to Service utilities and press Enter .

  4. Scroll to Change cutter and press Enter .

  5. Open the printer window when instructed to do so.

  6. Open the latch securing the cutter assembly to the rail (releasing cutter assembly from the rail).

    Cutter assembly removal

    Latch release
    Pull cutter slightly towards front of printer
    Lift up and remove the cutter assembly
  7. Install new cutter assembly into printer. Place the cutter assembly into position, then secure with the latch.

  8. Close the printer window.

    The cutter assembly replacement is now complete and the printer is ready for use.

    If the cutter will not move into an accessible position for removal and replacement, then contact HP support or an authorized service provider for further assistance.

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