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HP Notebook PCs - Display Types and Adjusting Notebook Display Settings in Windows XP

Overview of display resolution

Resolution is the number of pixels (individual points of color) contained on a notebook display, expressed in terms of the number of pixels on the horizontal axis and the number on the vertical axis. The sharpness of the image on a display depends on the resolution and the size of the screen. The same pixel resolution will be sharper on a smaller screen and gradually lose sharpness on larger screens because the same number of pixels are being spread out over a larger area.

The following table provides the maximum resolution available for each standard display type.

Display Type
Display Name
Supported Default Resolution (pixels per inch)
Color Graphics Array
320 x 200
Enhanced Graphics Array
640 x 350
Video Graphics Array
640 x 480
Super VGA
800 x 600
Extended Graphics Array
1024 x 768
Wide XGA
1280 x 800
Super XGA
1280 x 1024
Ultra XGA
1600 x 1200
Super XGA+
1400 x 1050
Wide XGA+
1440 x 900
Wide SXGA+
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200
Quantum XGA
2048 x 1536

Change the notebook display settings

Use the following steps to adjust the display resolution:

NOTE: Many notebooks do not have a driver that supports changing the display settings. The driver must allow for automatic adjustments. If the display settings are adjusted, the desktop may appear larger or smaller than the LCD area.
  1. Close all open windows.

  2. Right-click the desktop and select Properties.

  3. Click the Settings tab on the Display Properties window.

  4. Under Screen Resolution, move the slider to adjust the display resolution slider.

    Figure 1: Screen Resolution slider

  5. Click OK to change the settings. It may be necessary to restart the notebook to make the changes permanent.

Adjusting Brightness

To use the keyboard controls to adjust the screen brightness, press Fn+ the key to reduce the display brightness. Press Fn + the corresponding key to increase the brightness.

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