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HP LaserJet 2300 Series Printers - LOAD TRAY 1 PLAIN ENVELOPE #10 Displays When Sending a Custom Paper Size Document


Manually configuring tray 1 through the control panel to a custom paper size (example: 3 x 5 inches) will produce an attention message on the control panel to LOAD TRAY1 PLAIN ENVELOPE #10 when printing from an application that has its page setup set to custom 3x5 inches.


Follow the steps below:

Setting a custom paper size on computers running Windows 95/98/ME or NT4.0

  1. In the software program, click File .

  2. Click Print .

  3. On the Paper tab, click Custom .

  4. Specify the custom width and height.

  5. Click Close .

  6. Click OK .


Setting a custom paper size on computers running Windows 2000/XP

  1. Click Start .

  2. Click Settings (for Window 2000). Click Control Panel (for Windows XP).

  3. Click Printers (for Window 2000). Click Printers and Faxes (for Windows XP).

  4. Click the File menu.

  5. Click Server Properties .

  6. Click Create a New Form .

  7. Specify a name and dimensions for the custom paper size.

  8. Click Save Form .

This new paper size will be included in any list of paper sizes in the driver and application tabs. Application print dialog boxes also often have settings that allow for creating custom paper sizes.


Configuring tray 1 to a custom paper size using the control panel

  1. Press (Select button) to open the menus.

  2. Use (Down button) to Paper Handling , and then press (Select).

  3. When Tray 1 Size displays, press (Select).

  4. Use (Up button) or (Down button) to the Custom setting, and then press (Select).

  5. Press (Select button) to enter the x and y dimensions.

  6. Use (Up button) or (Down button) to change the x dimension, and then press (Select).

  7. Use (Up button) or (Down button) to change the y dimension, and then press (Select).

  8. Press Pause/Resume to exit the menu.


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