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HP Vectra VL600 - Overview

Product Description

The HP Vectra VL600 is an Intel based PC offered in Desktop and Minitower configuration. Utilizing Non RDRAM Technology and offering either UATA 66 or Ultra160 SCSI hard drives.


Product Features

CPU Interface
One Pentium III (Slot 1)
CPU Range
533-933MHz 256/512kb cache
Frontside bus
133 MHz
Intel 820
Memory type
non-ECC RDRAM pc 600/700
Maximum memory
1GB, max 500MB per module
USB supported
1.1 (dual channel, 2 ports total)
Hard disc drive
Ultra ATA-66 15-30 GB
9.1 GB SCSI Ultra Wide
Max number of hard disc drives
Matrox G250 AGP
Matrox G400 AGP
4x 1.5v
Network Interface card
3Com 3C905C-TX
Intel 10/100 EtherExpress


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