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HP LaserJet 3015 All-in-One - Cleaning the Printer and Scanner Assembly

Introduction to cleaning the product

Use the topics below to learn about basic cleaning and maintenance tasks.

To maintain quality, thoroughly clean the product when these conditions exist:
  • any time a new print cartridge is installed

  • after printing approximately 2,000 pages

  • whenever print quality problems appear

To avoid permanent damage to the print cartridge, do not use ammonia-based or ethyl alcohol-based cleaners on or around the product.

WARNING: Avoid touching the heating element in the fuser. It might be very hot and can cause burns.
CAUTION: Do not touch the surface of the black-sponge transfer roller. Contaminants on the roller can cause print-quality problems.

Cleaning the outside of the device

WARNING: Before you perform these steps, unplug the product to avoid the shock hazard.

Use a soft, water-dampened damp, lint-free cloth to wipe dust, smudges, and stains off the exterior of the printer.

Clean the inside by using only a dry, lint-free cloth.


Cleaning the scanner glass and platen

Over time, specks of debris might collect on the scanner glass and affect performance. Use the following procedure to clean the scanner glass.

  1. Turn off the printer, and unplug the power cord from the electrical socket.

  2. Tilt the printer control panel forward.

    Figure 1: Tilting printer control panel forward

    CAUTION: Do not use abrasives, acetone, benzene, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, or carbon tetrachloride on any part of the device; these can damage the device. Do not place liquids directly on the glass or platen. They might seep and damage the device.
  3. Clean the glass strip with a soft cloth or sponge that has been moistened with nonabrasive glass cleaner.

    Figure 2: Cleaning the LJ 3015 glass

  4. Dry the glass with a chamois or cellulose sponge to prevent spotting.

  5. Clean the white platen with a soft cloth or sponge that has been moistened with nonabrasive glass cleaner.

    Figure 3: Cleaning the LJ 3015 white platen

  6. Dry the platen with a chamois or cellulose sponge to prevent spotting.

  7. Close the conrol panel door.

  8. Plug the product in and use the power switch to turn on the product.


Cleaning the print media path

If toner specks or dots appear on the printouts, clean the media path.

The product features a special cleaning mode to clean the paper path.

This process requires using a transparency to remove dust and toner from the print paper path. Do not use bond or rough paper.

Make sure that the transparency used in this cleaning process meets the media requirements for the printer. If transparency film is unavailable, you can use paper. If you must use paper, perform the procedure two or three times to ensure proper cleaning.

Follow the steps below:

  1. If one is available, load a transparency in the priority input tray.

  2. Make sure that the product is in the Ready state.

  3. Press Menu/Enter .

  4. Use the < or the > button to find the Service menu .

  5. Press Menu/Enter .

  6. Use the < or the > button to find Cleaning Mode .

  7. Press Menu/Enter .

  8. The transparency feeds through the printer slowly. Discard the transparency.



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