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HP 9000 rp8420 Servers - Overview

The HP 9000 rp8420 32 Server is a symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) server supporting up to 16 high performance dual core PA 8900 (1.1 GHz or 1.0 GHz) or PA-8800 (1.0 GHz or 900 MHz) processor modules. A dual core processor module supports 2 processors resulting in a 32 way server. It also supports the new and improved sx1000 chip set. The rp8420 32 can be configured as a single SMP server or divided into up to four smaller, hardware partitioned (nPars), logical servers.
Product features and specifications
rp8420-32 Server
  • Base product number: A6912A
  • # of processor modules: 1-16
  • # of processors: 32
Supported Operating Systems
64 bit HP UX 11i v1 & 11iv2
Up to 32 processors with a maximum of eight processors per cell board with a maximum of four cell boards.
  • PA-8900 with 1.1 GHz or 1.0 GHz, and 64 MB L2 cache
  • PA-8800 with 1.0 GHz or 900 MHz, and 32 MB L2 cache
Cell controller
One cell controller (CC) per cell board; all CPUs and cell controllers on the cell boards are cooled with turbo cooler fans.
  • Memory slots: 64 (16 per cell board)
  • Minimum memory: 2 GB (Quad 4 DIMMs)
  • Maximum memory capacity: 256 GB (64 GB per cell board)
Embedded hard drives: Up to 4; available sizes are 36 GB, 73 GB, 146 GB and 300 GB drives.
Internal drives: Up to 2
Internal DVD drives: DVD-ROM or DVD+RW drive
Internal tape backup: one 40 GB DDS-4 DAT drive
Front chassis mount N+1 fans: 9
Rear chassis mount N+1 fans: 12
N+1 PCI-X card cage fan: 6
Power supplies
N+1 bulk power supplies: 6
PCI-X slots
Up to 16 PCI-X slots:
  • 14 Dual channel slots (1060 MB/s each)
  • 2 Single channel slots (530 MB/s each)
Core I/O cards
Two core I/O cards, which includes a failover service processor
Power plugs
Four 220 VAC power plugs. Two are required and the other two provide power source redundancy.

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