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HP LaserJet 3300, 3020, 3030, and 3380 - Scanner Bulb Standby and Power Save Modes

Maintaining scanner bulb life

In order to maximize scanner bulb life and minimize energy consumption while maintaining a high level of usability, the HP LaserJet AiO series product incorporates a complex scanner bulb management system. The two primary methods of conserving energy and prolonging bulb life are through the use of standby and power save modes.

The goal of standby mode is to reduce energy consumption by the scanner bulb and to prolong the life of the bulb, while also keeping the bulb warm enough that it can be returned to a ready-to-scan state within a few seconds. The scanner bulb will stay in a ready-to-scan state for five minutes after initial power up or after completion of the last scan, copy, or fax job. After five minutes, bulb brightness is reduced to a standby level, and the device waits for a signal from the user that another job is starting.

Power save mode involves turning off the scanner bulb completely, rather than just reducing brightness as with standby mode. Unlike standby mode, the length of time prior to going into power save mode is controlled by the user via the Service menu's Power Save Time setting. The default value for Power Save time is 8 hours; however, the unit may also be set for 1, 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours by the end user. (Depending on the model some time values may not be available.) The HP LaserJet AiO scanner bulb management system attempts to synchronize power save mode to the end user's work hours. The goal is to manage the bulb in such a way that the end user experiences minimum bulb warm-up delay during working hours.

Use the Power Save Time in the Service Menu to set the amount of time that the scanner bulb is on before entering the power save mode. The default setting is 8 hours.
  1. Press the MENU/ENTER button on the front of the product.

  2. Press the < or > button until Service appears in the control panel display and then press MENU/ENTER .

  3. Press the < or > button until Power Save Time appears in the control panel display and then press MENU/ENTER .

  4. Press the < or > button to select the amount of time before the scanner bulb enters power save mode. The available options are 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, or 12 hours. (Depending on the model, time choices may vary.)

  5. Press MENU/ENTER to save the setting and exit the Service menu.

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