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HP Deskjet 6520 Series Printers - Fixing Blinking Lights


The printer lights indicate the printer status. These lights can be on, off, or flashing, depending on the status of the printer. The sections below describe the most common combinations of flashing lights, what they mean, and how to fix the issue.
NOTE: The light patterns described in this document are also described as blinking or flashing lights. Flash means the same as blink in this document. If the printer lights flash or blink, this describes the same symptom.

Buttons and lights on the front panel

Deskjet 6520
1. Print Cancel button
2. Resume button and light
3. Print Cartridge Status light
4. Power button and light


No lights are on

When the printer is first turned on, there is a period of approximately five seconds where there are no lights lit on the front panel. This is due to the printer initializing memory and preparing to function. If the Power light does not come on after approximately five seconds, the printer may need serviced.


Power light is flashing

If the Power light is flashing, the printer is preparing to print. The light stops flashing when the printer has received all data.


Resume light is flashing

If the Resume light is flashing, check the following conditions:


Print Cartridge Status light is on or flashing

The HP Deskjet 6520 series printer has a single print cartridge status light for both print cartridges. Look for an error message on the computer monitor. If the error message does not appear, then follow the steps below.

If printing a borderless document when the light started flashing, follow the borderless printing guidelines (c00186723) (in English). Otherwise, follow these steps:

  1. If the light is on and not flashing , check to see if a print cartridge is low on ink. If a print cartridge is low on ink, consider replacing the print cartridge.

  2. If neither print cartridge is low on ink, press the Resume button. If the Print Cartridge Status light remains on, turn the printer off, and then turn the printer on again.

  3. If the light is on and flashing , verify that the correct print cartridges are installed. If the correct print cartridges are installed, then one of the cartridges is defective, also known as print cartridge rejection.

  4. Manually clean the print cartridge. If the printer is used in a dusty environment, a small amount of debris can accumulate on the print cartridge contacts. To manually clean the print cartridge, perform the following procedure:

    1. Open the printer cover and wait until the print cartridge cradle moves to the right side of the printer and is idle and quiet.

    2. Remove the print cartridges and place them on a piece of paper, with the copper strips facing up.

      Figure 1: Print cartridge nozzles

      1 - Ink nozzles
      CAUTION: Do not touch the print cartridge ink nozzles. Touching the ink nozzles will result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electrical connections.

      Do not leave the print cartridges outside the printer for more than 30 minutes, as this may dry out the print cartridges.

    3. Moisten a cotton swab with distilled water and squeeze any excess water from the swab.

    4. Wipe the copper contacts on the print cartridge with the cotton swab. Repeat this process until no ink residue or dust appears on the swab.

      Figure 2: Copper contacts

      1 - Copper contacts
  5. After cleaning the print cartridge, reinsert the cartridge into the printer.

  6. If the light(s) continue to flash, either both cartridges have problems, or the printer is the problem. Replace the print cartridge(s) or take the printer to an authorized HP repair center.


Print Cartridge Status light is flashing after installing a new print cartridge (print cartridge rejection)

If the Print Cartridge Status light begins to flash after a new print cartridge is installed, this is known as print cartridge rejection. Print cartridge rejection occurs when an unknown or incorrect print cartridge is installed in the printer. If a print job is sent while the Print Cartridge Status light is on, a message stating that the print cartridge has been rejected and must be removed or replaced will open.

Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Verify that the right print cartridge type and color is installed in the proper place in the print cartridge cradle.

  2. Try reinserting the print cartridge into the printer.

  3. Remove the most recently installed print cartridge.

  4. If the Print Cartridge Status light quits blinking, the print cartridge is defective

  5. Replace the print cartridge.

  6. If the problem persists, repeat Steps 3 and 4 with the other print cartridge.

Power and Resume lights are flashing in unison

If the Power and Resume lights on the printer begin blinking in unison, a carriage stall has occurred. Contact HP for further assistance.


Power, Resume, and Print Cartridge Status lights are flashing in unison

The printer might need to be restarted.
  1. Press the Power button to turn off the printer, and then press the Power button to restart the printer. Proceed to Step 2 if the lights continue to flash.

  2. Press the Power button to turn off the printer.

  3. Disconnect the printer power cord from the electrical outlet.

  4. Reconnect the printer power cord to the electrical outlet.

  5. Press the Power button to turn on the printer.

If the lights continue to blink, return the printer for repair.


Power-cord light

The light on the power cord illuminates when electricity is flowing through the cord. If the light is off, then the cord is not receiving power.


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