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HP LaserJet 1160 and 1320 Series Printers - Printer Driver Installation for Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP

If the product is directly connected to another user's computer, the product must be shared from that computer using Windows sharing.
Use the following instructions to install the printer driver only. Note that printer sharing is a function of the Microsoft Windows operating system. For help with configuring this please see either Windows Help or the Microsoft web site.

For instructions on installing via a direct connection (USB or Parallel) CLICK HERE to view the document titled HP LaserJet 1160 and 1320 Series Printers - Microsoft Windows Installation for Direct Connections (c00249298). Also, for the location of the USB connections CLICK HERE to view the document titled HP LaserJet 1160 and 1320 Series Printer - USB Connections (c00229714).

CLICK HERE to download or view the HP LaserJet 1160 and 1320 Series - User Guide (c00208215).

  1. From the Start menu, click Settings , and then click Printers .

    For Windows XP, click Start , and then click Printers and Faxes .

  2. Double-click Add Printer , and then click Next .

  3. When asked if the product is a local or network printer, click Network Printer , and then click Next .

  4. You might need to first choose the printer from the list of printers or enter an IP address. If the printer driver is not available, the Add Printer Wizard dialog appears. Click Have Disk from the wizard screen.

  5. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive. Navigate to the X:\ENGLISH\DRIVERS\WIN2000_XP folder (where X is the letter of the CD-ROM drive).

  6. Double-click the PCL 6, PCL 5e, or PS folder, depending on which driver that you want to install, and then double-click the .INF file that you find in that folder.

  7. Complete the installation. When prompted, print a test page to ensure that the printer driver is installed properly.

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