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HP LaserJet 3020, 3030, 3300, 3380 AiO Products - Scanner Bulb Appears to be Always On

ISSUE: The scanner bulb seems to be always on after using the scanner.
SOLUTION: This is normal. After five minutes, bulb brightness is reduced to a standby level, and the device waits for another job. After an extended period of time set in the Service menu Power Save Time setting, the bulb will turn off.
SUMMARY: To maximize scanner bulb life and minimize energy consumption, the product uses a complex scanner bulb power management system. Most likely, no changes are necessary for normal office operating conditions.

Under special operating conditions such as infrequent use, the Power Save Time setting may be changed. For details on the Power Save Time , see the document HP LaserJet 3300, 3020, 3030, and 3380 - Scanner Bulb Standby and Power Save Modes ( c00180517 )

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