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HP Notebook PCs - Unable to Share Wireless Internet Connection over Bluetooth in Windows XP


When two or more notebooks are connected using Bluetooth and Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is enabled on one of the notebooks for the wireless network, other computers will not be able to connect to the Internet using the wireless network.

This document applies to notebooks configured with Bluetooth and Windows XP Service Pack 2.


Before an Internet connection can be shared with Bluetooth perform the following steps to establish a wired LAN connection to the Internet.

NOTE: Not being able to connect to share the Internet through Bluetooth while using WLAN is a limitation of Microsoft Windows and Bluetooth.
  1. Disable the Wireless LAN in the notebook PC that will connect directly to the Internet.

  2. Connect the Ethernet port of the Notebook PC to the DSL modem or cable modem Ethernet port using a standard Ethernet network cable.

  3. Verify that the notebook PC is connected to the Internet by navigating to the HP web site in Internet Explorer.

  4. Enable Internet Connection Sharing on the notebook PC connected directly to the Internet using the following steps:
    • Click Start, click Control Panel, click Classic View.

    • Click Network Setup Wizard and click Next to begin the wizard.

    • Continue to the method screen and select the This computer connects to the Internet. The other computers on my network connect to the Internet through this computer option.

    • Click Next and allow the Wizard to set up the connection.

      The other notebooks connected through the Bluetooth network should now have Internet connectivity.

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