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HP T1500 Uninterruptible Power System - Overview

Product Description

UPS T1500
The Compaq Tower UPSs protect computer equipment and critical data against damage due to inconsistent and fluctuating power. The Compaq UPS T1500 is designed to be used with computer systems ranging from individual workstations to the small and medium servers.


Product Features

Power rating
Power rating of 1500 VA
Intelligent manageability
Intelligent manageability with Compaq Power Management software (included)
Long-term battery reliability
Long-term battery reliability with Compaq Enhanced Battery Management
Independent Load Segments
Designed with independently controlled load segments that allow for prioritized shutdown of multiple servers
Easy serviceability
Easy serviceability through modular design
Hot-replaceable battery
Network transient protector
Network transient protector for network surge protection
Intelligent Manageability
Compaq Power Management Software is a tightly integrated application within Compaq Insight Manager that enables the monitoring and control of Compaq UPSs locally or remotely. Compaq Power Management Software is a versatile, fully configurable, alert response application that gives system administrators a full overview of the network's conditions.
  • The Compaq Three-Year Limited Warranty (3,1,1) 3 year Parts/1 year Labor/1 year Onsite, provides for replacement of defective parts for the first three years of ownership. Labor and On-Site coverage is provided only for the first year. Service can be provided by either carry-in or on-site which ever is more convenient for the customer.

  • In addition, when Compaq Power Management Software (included) is installed, The UPS T1500 is covered by the Compaq Three-Year Prefailure Battery Warranty, which helps prevent unplanned shutdowns of the system by allowing for the replacement of covered batteries before they fail. When the Compaq Power Management Software gives notification that the battery is failing, the battery is replaced free of charge.

  • In addition to the two warranties, a $25,000 Computer/Load Guarantee also covers the UPS T1500. Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply.


Link to Warranty Information

Click here for additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support available at: .

HP Warranty Inspector - The warranty inspector illustrates the standard warranties given to each product. Please note, there are exceptions, where the standard warranty entitlement is different to that illustrated. Click here to check the standard warranty with the HP Warranty Inspector .


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