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HP Notebook PCs - Checking Your Notebook PC Using the HP System Health Scan


The HP System Health Scan automatically compares known issues against current software and hardware conditions to detect problems that may occur when using a notebook PC. This document provides information on how to use HP System Health Check for notebook PCs.

Getting started

Checking for software updates and known issues

Using the hardware diagnostics tool

NOTE: The computer must be connected to the Internet for the HP System Health Scan to work properly. HP System Health Scan is fully supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above, and Windows 98 SE and above Operating Systems. HP System Health Scan is not supported by browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The HP System Health Scan offers the following features:

  • Checks the current version of HP software, drivers and BIOS against the latest version available from the HP website. If the version currently installed on the PC is outdated, the Health Scan provides a link to download and install the newer version.

  • Detects software and hardware conditions that indicate problems may or have occurred. If the HP System Scan detects a problem, it will display diagnostic messages to help narrow down the possible causes and provide specific information on how to resolve the problem properly.

    NOTE: The HP System Health Scan does not provide a list of all drivers and software for your notebook. It will only alert you to newer versions of the drivers and software already installed on your notebook PC.
  • Provides a hardware diagnostics tool that checks the basic hardware in your computer for functionality.


Use the following information to help guide you through the HP System Health Scan.

Getting started

  • Click on this link to start the HP System Health Scan .

  • Or in Windows XP you can start the System Health Scan by clicking Start, Help and Support then Troubleshoot a Problem. Under Step 1, click the link for Check Your Computer.

Checking for software updates and known issues

Using an Internet connection, the HP System Health Scan collects basic information about the computer. This system specific information, such as; the versions of hardware drivers and BIOS software, and the make and model of the notebook, are checked against a database of known problems and their causes. Any of the following conditions may generate an alert during the scan:

  • A Windows error is detected.

  • Suggestions for optimizing the performance of the computer.

  • Updates for drivers, BIOS and software are available for the computer.

After the initial scan is completed the results will be displayed (see figure 1).

Figure 1: Health scan results

Click on More information to receive specific information around the issue or update identified, and directly download the updated files to the computer by clicking Click here to download.

Using the hardware diagnostics tool

Once the initial scan results are displayed, the System Health Scan provides additional support in the form of Hardware Diagnostics. To begin using the hardware diagnostics click the Hardware Diagnostics tab.

Figure 2: Hardware Diagnostics tab (image is not clickable)

Select the box next to the hardware device that you wish to diagnose and click the Run Selected Diagnostic button.

Depending on the hardware that is selected the test may take several minutes. Once completed, the results indicate whether the hardware is properly installed and is functioning.

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