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HP Photosmart 420 Series Printers - Product Specifications

Figure 1: HP Photosmart 420 Series Printer

HP Photosmart printer models

Product name
Product number
HP Photosmart 422 printer
Q6366A, Q6400A, Q6400B, Q6403A
HP Photosmart 422v printer
HP Photosmart 422xi printer
HP Photosmart 425 printer
Q7070A, Q7070B, Q7070C, Q7070D, Q7072A
HP Photosmart 425v printer
HP Photosmart 428 printer
Q7080A, Q7080B, Q7080C, Q7083A
HP Photosmart 428v printer
HP Photosmart 428xi printer


System requirements

Windows PC
Operating system
Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 Professional, Me, XP Professional, XP Home, and XP Professional
Mac OS X v 10.2.3, 10.3.x, and later
Intel Pentium II (or equivalent) or greater (Pentium III is required for using HP Image Zone)
G3 or greater
64 MB (128 MB recommended)
128 MB
Free disk space
500 MB
150 MB
Video display
800 x 600, 16-bit or higher
800 x 600, 16-bit or higher
CD-ROM drive
USB 2.0 full-speed: Windows 98, 2000 Professional, Me, XP Home, and XP Professional
PictBridge: using front camera port
Bluetooth: using optional HP Bluetooth wireless printer adapter
USB 2.0 full speed (Mac OS X v 10.2.3, 10.3.x, and later)
PictBridge: using front camera port
Internet Explorer 5.5 or more current


Printer specifications

Image file formats
JPEG Baseline
Borderless printing: Top/Bottom/Left/Right 0.0 mm (0.0 inch)
Bordered printing : Top/Bottom/Left/Right 3 mm (0.12 inch)
Media sizes
Photo paper 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches)
Photo paper with tab 10 x 15 cm with 1.25 cm tab (4 x 6 inches with 0.5 inch tab)
HP Premium Photo Cards 10 x 20 cm (4 x 8 inches)
Panorama photo paper (for pre-stitched images) 10 x 30 cm (4 x 12 inches)
Index cards 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches)
Hagaki cards 100 x 148 mm (3.9 x 5.8 inches)
A6 cards 105 x 148 mm (4.1 x 5.8 inches)
L-size cards 90 x 127 mm (3.5 x 5 inches)
L-size cards with tab 90 x 127 mm with 12.5 mm tab (3.5 x 5 inches with 0.5 inch tab)
2L-size cards 127 x 178 mm (5 x 7 inches)
Media types
Photo paper
Cards: Index, Hagaki, A6, and L-size
Paper tray
One 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches) photo paper tray
Paper tray capacity
Up to 20 sheets depending upon paper thickness
10 sheets of 10 x 30 cm (4 x 12 inches) photo paper for panoramic printing (when printing from a computer only)
Power consumption
Printing: 12.3 W
Idle: 6.29 W
Off: 4.65 W
Printing: 11.4 W
Idle: 5.67 W
Off: 4.08 W
Power adapter
HP Part # 0957–2121 (North America), 100–240 V AC (±10%) 50/60 Hz (±3 Hz)
HP Part # 0957–2120 (Rest of world), 100–240 V AC (±10%) 50/60 Hz (±3 Hz)
Video file formats
Motion-JPEG QuickTime


Ink cartridges

Visit HP SureSupply to check ink cartridge compatibility or purchase replacement ink cartridges.

  1. Go to the HP SureSupply website.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then make sure the country/region location is correct.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to order new ink cartridges or check ink cartridge compatibility with your printer.

Genuine HP ink cartridges can also be purchased from other retailers.


Print resolution

Black and Color: PhotoREt III, 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi in printer driver


Print speed

Printer mode
Normal mode
Up to 60 seconds per page
Print Quality mode
Up to approximately 100 seconds per page



  • Front and rear USB ports: 2.0 full speed, supporting connection to a computer, notebook computer, and selected HP cameras

  • Bluetooth wireless printing compatible

  • HP Instant Share

  • PictBridge-compatible

Cameras compatible with PictBridge

Click here Non-HP site for a list of PictBridge-compatible cameras from all manufacturers (in English).

HP cameras compatible with printer dock

The following HP cameras are compatible with the camera dock on the printer:

  • HP Photosmart M415 Digital Camera

  • HP Photosmart M417 Digital Camera

  • HP Photosmart M517 Digital Camera


New features

  • Improve the quality of photos by removing red eye

  • Optional battery use

  • Up to 5 X zoom

  • Clockwise picture rotation

  • TV connectivity

  • Remote control


Physical dimensions

Height, width, depth
5.3 x 8.8 x 4.3 inches (135 x 225 x 110 mm)
2.93 lbs (1.33 kg)


Environmental specifications

Hewlett-Packard Company is committed to providing quality products in an environmentally sound manner. This printer has been designed with several attributes to minimize impact on HP environment. For more information, go to the HP Commitment to the Environment Web site at .


Operating temperatures

  • Maximum during operation: 5–40° C (41–104° F) @ 5–90% RH

  • Recommended during operation: 15–30° C (59– 86° F) @ 20–80% RH


Ozone production

This product generates no appreciable ozone gas (O3 ).

Energy consumption

Energy usage drops significantly while in ENERGY STAR mode, which saves natural resources, and saves money without affecting the high performance of this product. This product qualifies for ENERGY STAR, which is a voluntary program established to encourage the development of energy-efficient office products. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark of the U.S. EPA. As an ENERGY STAR partner, Hewlett-Packard Company has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. For more information, go to Non-HP site .

Paper and plastic use

This product is suited for the use of recycled paper according to DIN 19309. Plastic parts over 24 grams (0.88 ounces) are marked according to international standards that enhance the ability to identify plastics for recycling purposes at the end of the printer's life.

Material safety data sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be obtained from the HP Web site at Customers without Internet access should contact HP support.

Recycling program

HP offers an increasing number of product return and recycling programs in many countries and partners with some of the largest electronic recycling centers throughout the world. HP conserves resources by reselling some of its most popular products. This HP product contains lead in the solder, which may require special handling at the end of its life.

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