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HP Compaq Business Desktop dc7600 - LED/Beep Codes


HP Compaq Business Desktop dc7600 Diagnostic LED and Beep codes


  • Power on - Steady green

  • Processor thermal protection activated - Blinks red twice

  • Processor is not installed - Blinks red three times

  • Power failure (power supply is overloaded) - Blinks red four times

  • Pre-video memory error - Blinks red and beeps five times

    1. Reseat the DIMMs in the memory slots on the system board, and power on the system.
    2. Replace the DIMMs one at a time to isolate the faulty module.
    3. If the DIMMs are third-party memory, replace them with HP memory.
    4. Replace the system board.*
  • Pre-video graphics error - Blinks red and beeps six times.

    For systems with a graphics card:

    1. Reseat the graphics card and then power on the system.
    2. Replace the graphics card.
    3. Replace the system board.*

    *For systems with integrated (on-board) graphics, replace the system board.

  • PCA (system board ) failure ROM detected - Blinks red and beeps seven times

    1. Replace the system board.
  • Invalid ROM based on bad checksum - Blinks red and beeps eight times

    1. Reflash the ROM using a ROMPaq diskette.
    2. Replace the system board.*
  • System does not power on - No blinks or beeps

  • System not fetching code - Blinks red and beeps nine times

  • Bad option card - Blinks red and beeps ten times

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