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Clearing a Paper Jam for HP Deskjet 5420v, 5440, 5440v, 5440xi, 5943, 5940, 5940xi, and 5943 Printers


While printing, a paper jam occurs.

Clear the paper jam

Follow these steps to remove a paper jam:

  1. Press the Resume button on the front panel of the printer. If the paper jam does not clear, then go to the next step.

    Figure 1: Print Cancel and Resume buttons

    1 - Cancel button
    2 - Resume button
  2. Turn off the printer.

  3. Remove the rear access door. Press the handle to the right, and then pull out the door.

    Figure 2: Remove the rear access door

  4. Remove any paper that is inside the printer by pulling the paper out from the back of the printer.

    NOTE: If printing labels, verify that a label did not become detached from the label sheet while passing through the printer.
  5. Replace the rear access door.

    Figure 3: Replacing the rear access door

  6. If the paper jam cannot be removed from the back of the printer, raise the printer cover, remove the paper jam from the front of the printer, and then lower the cover.

    CAUTION: Remove the paper jam carefully because it is possible to damage the printer when removing paper from the front.
  7. Turn on the printer, and then press the Resume button.

  8. Open the document in the application in which it was created.

  9. Click File .

  10. Click Print .

  11. Click Properties .

  12. On the Printing Preferences dialog box, click the Paper/Quality tab.

  13. Verify that the type of paper specified in the Type is text box matches the type of paper in the printer.

    NOTE: A paper jam might result if photo paper is specified in the Printer Properties dialog box but plain paper is loaded in the printer.
  14. Print the document again.

NOTE: If paper jams occur frequently, try using a heavier paper. Also, be careful to not feed or push any printed pages in the out tray back into the gap between the out tray and the feed roller assembly. Doing so will cause a paper jam.

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