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HP Officejet Pro K550 Series - Setup the Hardware

This document applies to the HP Officejet Pro K550, K550dtn, K550dtwn, and K550xi dtn.


This document explains the how to set up the product hardware. This document does not explain how to install the software, create a network connection, or operate the product.

Setup the hardware

Follow the steps below to set up the hardware.

Step one: Check the contents of the box

The contents may vary by country/region. Refer to the packaging for the actual contents.

Step two: Remove the packing tape and materials

  1. Move the printer to the prepared location. The surface must be sturdy, level, and located in a well-ventilated area. Allow space around the printer, including 50 mm (2 inches) for ventilation.

  2. Remove all packing tape from the printer.

    Figure 1: Removing the tape from the printer

  3. Open the top cover and remove the foam or packing material from the inside of the printer.

    Figure 2: Removing the packing material inside the printer

Step three: Install tray 2 (HP Officejet Pro K550dtn and K550dtwn)

Tray 2 is an accessory tray that holds up to 350 sheets of plain paper. Tray 2 comes with the HP Officejet Pro K550dtn and K550dtwn printers, and is an optional accessory for the HP Officejet Pro K550.

  1. Set the printer on top of tray 2.

    CAUTION: Be careful to keep your fingers and hands clear of the bottom of the printer.

    Figure 3: Placing the printer on top of tray 2

Step four: Install the duplex unit (HP Officejet Pro K550dtn and HP Officejet Pro K550dtwn)

The optional automatic two-sided printing accessory (duplex unit) allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper automatically. The duplex unit comes with the HP Officejet Pro K550dtn and K550dtwn printers, and is an optional accessory for the HP Officejet Pro K550 and K550dtn.

  1. On the back of the printer, if the rear access panel is installed, push the button on either side of the panel and remove the panel from the printer.

  2. Slide the duplex unit into the printer until the unit locks into place. Do not press the buttons on either side of the duplex unit when installing the unit; use them only for removing the unit from the printer.

    Figure 4: Installing the duplex unit

Step five: Install the ink cartridges

  1. Release the ink cartridge cover to open the cover.

    Figure 5: Opening the ink cartridge cover

  2. Remove each ink cartridge from its package.

    Figure 6: Removing the ink cartridges

  3. Align each ink cartridge with its color-coded slot and then insert the ink cartridge into the slot. To ensure proper contact, press down firmly on the cartridges until they snap into place.

    Figure 7: Insert the ink cartridges

  4. Close the ink cartridge cover.

    Figure 8: Closing the cover

Step six: Install the printheads

  1. Open the top cover.

  2. Lift the printhead latch.

    Figure 9: Lifting the printhead latch

  3. Rapidly shake the printhead package five or six times before opening it.

    Figure 10: Shaking the printhead package

  4. Remove the new printhead from the package and then remove the protective caps.

    Figure 11: Removing the printhead and protective caps

  5. Insert the printhead into its color-coded slot. Press down firmly on the printhead to ensure proper contact.

    Figure 12: Inserting the printhead

  6. Pull the printhead latch all the way forward and then press down to ensure that the latch is properly engaged. You might have to apply some pressure to engage the latch.

  7. Close the top cover.

    Figure 13: Engaging the latch and closing the cover

Step seven: Load paper in the trays

  1. Pull the tray out of the printer by grasping under the front of the tray.

    Figure 14: Pulling the tray out

    NOTE: If the media is longer than 11 inches (279 mm), lift the front cover of the tray and lower the front of the tray.
  2. Insert the media print-side down along the right of the tray. Make sure the stack of media aligns with the right and back edges of the tray and does not exceed the line marking in the tray.

  3. Slide the paper guides in the tray to adjust them for the size that has been loaded.

    Figure 15: Adjusting the paper guides

  4. Gently reinsert the tray into the printer.

  5. Pull out the extension on the output tray.

    Figure 16: Reinserting the tray and pulling out the extension

Step eight: Connect the power cord and turn on the printer

  1. Connect the power cord to the printer.

  2. Connect the other end of the power cord to an alternating current (AC) power outlet.

    Figure 17: Plugging in the power cord

  3. Wait for a few seconds. If the printer does not turn on automatically, press the Power button to turn the printer on.

    Figure 18: Turning the printer on

Step nine: Align the print cartridges

To ensure the best possible print quality, the printer initializes and aligns the printheads. At the beginning of the process, the Power light blinks and the printer prints a status page. At the end of the process, the printer prints the alignment pages (colored pages).

This process takes approximately 8 minutes.

If the alignment process does not print pages, complete the following steps.

  1. Check the following on the printer:

    • The power cord is firmly connected.

    • The printheads and ink cartridges are properly installed.

    • The rear-access panel (HP Officejet Pro K550) or the duplex unit (HP Officejet Pro K550dtn/K550dtwn) is installed.

  2. Turn off the printer and then turn it on again. The alignment pages should print.

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