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HP Notebook PCs - Inconsistent DVD Video Playback with Windows Media Player in Windows XP


When viewing DVD movies in Windows Media Player the audio and video may appear choppy or start and stop frequently.

This problem is often caused by a setting in Windows Media Player that enables the notebook to conserve energy when using battery power.

NOTE: HP recommends viewing DVD movies with the DVD software that was included on the notebook PC such as Intervideo WinDVD.


The battery optimized performance setting in Windows Media Player uses fewer resources, saving battery power. The setting may also cause choppy video playback, even when the AC adapter is connected. Disabling the battery optimized performance setting in Windows Media Player should improve the audio and video playback of DVD movies.

In some cases, disabling the battery optimized performance in Windows Media Player may resolve blank display problems or problems viewing DVD movies on external displays.

Use the following steps to disable battery optimized performance:

  1. Insert a DVD disc in the DVD ROM drive.

  2. Disconnect the AC adapter from the notebook.

  3. Click Start then click Run.

  4. In the Open field type WMPLAYER and click OK.

  5. In Windows Media Player click Tools in the menu bar and select Options.

  6. Click the Performance tab.

  7. Remove the "X" from the check box beside Battery Optimized Performance.

  8. Click Apply and then OK.

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