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HP ProLiant DL320 G4 - Configuring Power Supply


The DL320 G4 supports 450 W PFC (Power Factor Correcting) power supply, which is different from and cannot be swapped out with the previous generation. The form factor and the removal and replacement procedure are similar.

There is only one screw that secures the power supply internally and two screws that secure it to the rear of the chassis for a total of (3) screws.

Figure 1: Auto-sensing 450-Watt PFC Power Supply

NOTE: Do not open the power supply module. It is a single spared unit with no serviceable parts inside.



Input voltage specifications
Rated input voltage
100 VAC to 240 VAC
Input Specifications
Rated input line
90 VAC to 264VAC
Frequency range
47 to 63 Hz
Rated input power
At 115V input, Rated input power = 486W (assume output wattage=450W
At 230V input, Rated input power = 479W (assume output wattage=450W)
Rated input current
6 A, 3 A (110 V, 220 V)
Steady state power
450W (rated)
BTU Rating
1710 BTU/hr
Ambient temperature range
50° degrees to 118° degrees F (10° degrees to 48° degrees C)
-40° degrees to 158° degrees F (-40° degrees to 70° degrees C)
Relative humidity (non-condensing)
55% to 85%
5% to 95%
Dielectric voltage withstand
Input to output
1800 VAC/minute
Input to ground
1800 VAC/minute
Maximum Wet Bulb Temperature
41.3° degrees C


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