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HP Modular Cooling System - Overview

Product description

The Modular Cooling System (MCS) is a portfolio of modular, rack based cooling solutions that remove the high levels of heat generated by current advanced server, mass storage and core networking systems. Equipped with rack infrastructure, cooling, and IT power distribution, the MCS provides a standardized high performance cooling approach for servers and other IT equipment installed in server racks. HP's Bi-Directional cooling technology allows simultaneous cooling of two racks when the MCS Expansion Rack is utilized. The MCS racks can cool as little as 5kW, depending on configuration, and as high as 50kW of server capacity, either all on one rack or split between two racks.


Product features

Supports cooling HP 642 1200 mm racks in a single or dual rack configuration with a total cooling capacity of up to 50kW
Six hot swappable high airflow fans
Provides circulation of cooled air through the computer equipment rack
HP MCS key features
  • Medium To High Density Rack Based Performance Cooling Solutions

  • MCS 100 Up To 30kw 2,800 CFM In Single Or Dual Rack Configurations

  • MCS 200 Up To 50kw, 4,500 CFM In Single Or Dual Rack Configurations

  • Standard 19" 42U HP Rack Design , Up To 3,000 Lbs. IT Weight Capacity

  • MCS-Rack Solution - 1.5 Racks Wide, Maintains Datacenter 2' Tiling Floor Plan

  • Front And Rear Rack Containment For Ultra Density And Efficiency

  • Up To 6 Hot Scalable/Swappable High Airflow Fans Per MCS

  • High Efficiency Heat Exchanger: pPUE Of As Low As 1.05

  • Extend MCS Cooling To A Second Rack With Optional MCS Expansion Rack

  • Integrated Automatic Door Opening System Standard

  • MCS System/Environmental Monitor With SNMP Integration

  • Integrated Automatic Transfer Switch For Power Input Redundancy

  • Condensate Evacuation System For Simplified Maintenance

  • Full MCS Services Offering Available: Planning, Deployment, Maintenance

Key components
  • Main breakers

  • Heat exchanger module

  • Management module

  • Fan controller

  • Air bleeder valve

  • Water controller

  • AC Input/Network connection

  • AC transfer switch


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