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HP LaserJet 3027 and 3035 MFP - Connect the Fax

The HP LaserJet M3027x MFP and the HP LaserJet M3035xs MFP models come with a fax feature.

For complete instructions for configuring the device fax and for using the fax features, see the fax guide, which is included with the HP LaserJet M3027x MFP and the HP LaserJet M3035xs MFP on the device CD.

This chapter provides information about the following topics.

Analog faxing

On the HP LaserJet M3027x or the HP LaserJet M3035xs MFPs, the device can function as a standalone fax machine.

Connect the fax to a telephone line

When connecting the fax to a telephone line, ensure that the telephone line that is being used for the fax is a dedicated line that is not used by other devices. In addition, this line should be an analog line because the fax will not function correctly if it is connected to some digital PBX systems. If you are not sure whether you have an analog or digital phone line, contact your telecom provider.

HP recommends using the telephone cord that comes with the device to ensure that the fax functions correctly.
  1. Remove the fax jack cover from the device, and then connect one end of the telephone cord to the fax jack. Push the connector until it clicks, and then replace the fax jack cover.

  2. Connect the other end of the cord to the telephone jack on the wall. Push the connector until it clicks or until it is securely seated. Because different types of connectors are used in different countries/regions, the connector might not make an audible click.

Configure and use the fax features

Before you can use the fax features, you must configure them in the control‑panel menus. For example, you need to specify the following information:

  • Date and time

  • Location

  • Fax header

For complete information about configuring and using the fax accessory, and for information about troubleshooting fax-accessory problems, see the HP LaserJet Analog Fax Accessory 300 User Guide, which is provided with the fax accessory.

Digital fax

Digital faxing is available when you install the optional HP Digital Sending Software. For information about ordering this software, go to HP Digital Sending Software - overview and features .

With digital faxing, the device does not need to be connected directly to a phone line. Instead, the device can send a fax in one of three ways:

  • LAN fax sends faxes through a third-party fax provider.

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 fax is a fax modem and digital sender module that the computer uses to operate as a turnkey gateway fax.

  • Internet fax uses an Internet fax provider to process faxes. The fax is delivered to a traditional fax machine or sent to the user’s e‑mail.

For complete information about using digital faxing, see the documentation that is provided with the HP Digital Sending Software.

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