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HP Photosmart 7660 Printer - Definitions of Printing Preferences in HP Photosmart Software


Printing with HP Photosmart printers is controlled by the driver software that is installed during the printer driver installation. The printer preferences are available from the Preferences dialog box.

Definitions of Printing Preferences in HP Photosmart Software

The Printing Preferences settings are explained below.

Settings on the Advanced tab

Figure 1: Advanced tab


Copy Count
Select the number of copies to print.
Check this box to have multiple copies of the document collated within the print job. Pages will print 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 instead of 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3.

Image Color Management

Image Color Management (ICM) defines the range of colors that can be printed. The printer software translates the colors of an image from the current color settings to the color management option that is selected.

ICM Method

Options in the ICM Method menu:

ICM Handled by Host System
Use this option to allow the system from which you are printing manage the color of the photo.
ICM Handled by Printer
Use this option to allow the printer to manage the color of the photo.
ICM Disabled
Use this option to allow the application from which you are printing manage the color of the photo.
ICM Intent

The ICM Intent menu is enabled when ICM Handled by Printer is selected in the ICM Method menu. Options include Graphics , Picture , Proof , and Match .

Advanced Print Features

This option is enabled by default and should not be changed.

Document Options

Printer Features
Select the amount of overspray for borderless photos.
Ink Volume
Adjust the amount of ink printed on the page. The lighter the ink volume, the faster the printout will dry.
Layout Options
Page order setting
Front to back
Prints the last page of the document first, so that the first page of the document is on top of the finished print job.
Back to front
Prints the first page of the document first, so that the last page of the document is on top of the finished print job.

Settings on the Printing shortcuts tab

Figure 2: Printing Shortcuts tab

The Printing Shortcuts tab allows for quick selection of printing activities by automatically selecting the best driver settings for a particular task. The tab shows only relevant setting options based on the activity selected.

The What do you want to do? menu offers the following printing activities:

  • Photo printing - borderless

  • Photo printing - with white borders

  • Postcard printing

  • Hagaki printing

Any driver settings made on this tab will be applied to the other driver tabs.


Figure 3: Paper/Quality tab

Print Tasks Quick Sets

Driver settings from the Quick Sets menu:

  • Default print settings

  • Borderless photo 4x6in.

  • Borderless photo 4x6in. (tab)

  • Borderless photo L (tab)

  • Hagaki card borderless printing

  • L borderless photo

Paper Options

Size is
Select the media size from a list of standard media sizes supported by the printer.
Borderless printing
Select Borderless printing to limit the choices in the Size is menu to only those sizes supported by borderless printing.
Borderless auto fit
Select Borderless Auto Fit to automatically resize the image to fit the page.
Type is
Select HP Photo Paper to produce optimal results on HP Photo Paper.
Select More to select other paper types from a list of supported HP papers.

Print Quality

The Print Quality menu offers the following choices:

Print quality is reduced to 300 x 300 dots per inch (dpi). This print quality setting is intended for occasional use because the higher speed produces the greatest stress on the print mechanism. This print mode uses color space profiles to control color output.
The resolution for this mode is 600 x 600 dpi. The print speed is slightly slower than Draft, and Digital Photography is enabled. This print mode uses color space profiles to control color output.
This is the highest recommended print quality setting. It uses the HP-patented PhotoREt color processing technology for best results. The reported resolution is 600 x 600 dpi, but PhotoREt provides enhanced results.
Maximum dpi
This is the slowest print mode available and uses the most computer resources. The resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi and is optimized to 4800 x 1200 dpi. HP PhotoREt technology is not used.

The default selection is the recommended setting for the currently selected paper type.

Real Life Digital Photography

Figure 4: HP Digital Photography Real Life technologies dialog box

There are six options to enhance the quality of digital photos. In most applications, the default settings will provide the best digital print.

Red eye removal
Click On to reduce or remove red-eye in a photo.
Photo brightening
Adjusts the contrast. Click Automatic to allow the printer software to balance the contrast automatically.
Adaptive lighting
Adjusts the exposure in dark areas of photos to bring out detail. Click Automatic to allow the printer software to balance lightness and darkness automatically.
Enhances the image quality and clarity. Click On to allow the printer software to focus the image automatically.
Adjusts the sharpness of a photo. Click Automatic to allow the printer software to set the level of sharpening for the image automatically.
Softens an image. Click Automatic to allow the printer software to set the level of smoothing for the image automatically.

Settings on the Effects tab

Figure 5: Effects tab

Print Task Quick Sets

Selecting, adding, or deleting Print Task Quick Sets can be done from the Effects tab.

Resizing Options

The following settings in the Effects tab allow for easy resizing when printing documents or images:

Print Document On
Prints the document or image on a different paper size.
Scale to Fit
Resizes the document or image to fit on the selected paper size.
% of Normal Size
Either type in a desired percentage, or move the slider bar until the desired percentage is shown to create a custom size.
Center on page
Select this option to print small images in the center of the media.


Select from Confidential, Do Not Copy, Draft, For Your Eyes Only, or Top Secret.
First page only
Select to print the watermark on the first page only.
Click on Edit and follow the directions below to create a customized watermark.

Figure 6: Watermark Details dialog box

Settings on the Finishing tab

Figure 7: Finishing tab

Print Task Quick Sets

Selecting, adding, or deleting Print Task Quick Sets can be done from the Finishing tab.

Document Options

NOTE: Some options may appear dimmed and are available only when a corresponding setting is selected. For example, selecting Two or more from the Pages Per Sheet menu causes the Print Page Borders and Page Order options to become available.
Pages per Sheet
Select the number of pages to print per sheet of paper.
Print Page Borders
Prints borders around multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.
Page Order
Select from Right, then Down ; Down, then Right ; Left, then Down ; or Down, then Left .

Print Preview

Show Print Preview
Check this box to show a print preview before each print job.


Select Portrait (tall) or Landscape (wide).
Rotate by 180 degrees
Click Rotate by 180 degrees to rotate the image 180 degrees.
Mirror image
Click Mirror image for reverse printing, such as iron-on decals.

Settings on the Color tab

Figure 8: Color tab

Print Task Quick Sets

Selecting, adding, or deleting Print Task Quick Sets can be done from the Color tab.

Color Options

Print in Grayscale
Check this box to print the document in grayscale.
High Quality
When printing in grayscale, will use the color cartridge to provide the optimal range of grays.
Black/gray photo cartridge only
When printing in grayscale, will use only the black print cartridge. Use this selection to save ink in the color cartridge.

Advanced Color Settings

Figure 9: Advanced Color Settings dialog box

The advanced color settings include the following:

  • Brightness, Saturation, and Color Tone: used to affect how the overall colors are printed.

  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black sliders: used to specify the level of each color that is used in printing.

The preview picture that displays in the After box demonstrates how the selected changes will affect the final printout.

Settings on the Services tab

Figure 10: Services tab

The Service this device icon opens the HP Photosmart Toolbox.

HP Photosmart Toolbox

Device Services

Figure 11: Devices Services tab

Align the Print Cartridges
Aligns the print cartridges for the optimum print quality.
Clean the Print Cartridge(s)
Cleans the print cartridge(s) when print quality has decreased noticeably or when recommended by the troubleshooting instructions.
Print a Diagnostic Page
Prints a diagnostic test page that indicates how the print nozzles are working.
Print a Test Page
Prints a test page to verify that the printer is working correctly.
Estimated ink level

Figure 12: Estimated Ink Levels tab

The Estimated Ink Level tab in the HP Photosmart Toolbox shows a graphic estimate of how much ink is left in the black and each color print cartridge. This is only an estimate, the actual ink levels may vary.

Ink level status indicator
Status of ink level
Check mark
Indicates that the level of ink in the ink cartridge is acceptable.
Triangle with an exclamation point
Indicates that the ink level is getting low and a new ink cartridge should be available.
A large letter X
Indicates that the ink cartridge is empty and should be replaced.

Figure 13: Print Cartridge Information dialog box


Figure 14: Configuration tab

Configure Bluetooth Settings

The HP bt300 wireless printer adapter must be used in conjunction with the printer to enable Bluetooth printing.

Figure 15: Configure Bluetooth Settings tab

The Passkey is a four-digit code that is set on the printer.

Reset Device Access clears all bonded devices from the memory of the printer.

The Make device visible to other Bluetooth devices option allows any Bluetooth device within range to discover and use the printer. This is the default setting for your HP device. If this option is not selected, only sending devices that have stored the Bluetooth device address for this printer can discover and use the printer.

Security level for the printer
Select Low to allow any Bluetooth device to print to the printer. A printer set with a low security level does not require a Passkey code.
This is the default security level setting.
Select High to require a passkey from a Bluetooth-enabled device before allowing the device to send a print job to the printer.

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