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HP Deskjet 1280 Printer Series- Installing an Alternate Driver in Microsoft Windows Vista

Product Series

HP Deskjet 1280 series



The Microsoft Windows Vista printer driver solution for the HP Deskjet 1280 is not available now.

The short-term print driver solution is included in the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating system and is already on the computer. This driver makes it possible to use the basic functions for the printer and can be used until the print driver is available. Please follow the steps below to install the alternate driver that is compatible with the product.

HP is currently working to make the HP downloadable driver solution available as soon as possible.

NOTE: HP wants to make sure that you have the most up-to-date information on the drivers and software for the HP products. To register for HP Subscriber’s Choice and be notified when Windows Vista drivers become available, click Get e-mail notifications – drivers updates on the left navigation bar of this page.


Installing an alternate driver

Step one: Determine the appropriate alternate driver

Determine the alternate driver that is compatible with the printer.
Alternate driver
HP Deskjet 1280
HP Deskjet 1220c

Step two: Install the driver

  1. Verify that the Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable is NOT connected to the printer.

  2. Click Start , click Settings , and then click Printers .

  3. Click Add a printer .

  4. Click Add a local printer .

  5. Select the Use an existing port check box.

  6. In the Use an existing port drop-down list, select LPT1: (Printer Port) and then click Next .

  7. Under Manufacturer on the Install the printer driver dialog box, select HP .

  8. Under Printers , select the appropriate alternate driver for the printer and then click Next .

  9. In the Printer name text box, type the printer name and then click Next . The printer driver starts to install.
    NOTE: The name of the alternate driver displays as the default name. Change this name to the name of the printer, if desired.
  10. After the screen stating that the printer was successfully added displays, connect the USB cable / Parallel cable to the printer and to the computer.

  11. On the Found New Hardware screen, click Cancel .

  12. For USB connected printer, please proceed to step three . For Parallel port connected printer, please proceed to step four .
    NOTE: If multiple pop-up windows display, click Cancel on each window.

Step three: Configure the printer

  1. In the printer folder, right-click on the name of the printer and then click Properties .

  2. Click the Ports tab.

  3. Change the port from LPT1 to the newly created USB port, Click Apply .

Step four: Print a test page

  1. Click the General tab.

  2. Click Print Test Page .


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