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HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 (SAS) Tape Drive - Identifying LEDs

Understanding LED sequences

Figure 1: Ultrium LEDs

1 - Clean
2 - Tape
3 - Drive
4 - Ready

The meaning of different patterns of LEDs is as follows:

LED sequences
LED Sequence
Action required
Drive may not have power, may be faulty or may have been power cycled or reset during a firmware upgrade.
Make sure the drive is switched on. The power on/off switch on an external drive incorporates a green LED.
Check the power cable connection and replace the cable if necessary. On external drives, the power cable from a monitor or another device can be used to check that the connection is working.
If the power supply is present and all LEDs remain off, power cycle or reset the drive. If it still fails, call for service.
Ready and Clean OFF. Drive and Tape FLASH.
The drive has failed to execute power-on self test (POST).
Power cycle or reset the drive.
If the error condition reappears, call for service.
Ready is ON.
The drive is ready for operation.
None. This is normal.
The drive is carrying out a normal activity (read, write).
If the drive is upgrading firmware, do not reset or power cycle it.
The drive is in OBDR mode.
If the restore fails for any reason, refer to the website at and do a search on “OBDR” for detailed troubleshooting information.
Ready FLASHES fast.
The drive is downloading firmware.
Do not reset or power cycle the drive.
Ready is OFF, others are ON.
Firmware is being reprogrammed.
Do not reset or power cycle the drive.
The drive requires cleaning.
Load the Ultrium cleaning cartridge.
If the Clean LED is still flashing when a new or known good data cartridge is loaded after cleaning, call for service.
Ready FLASHES and Clean is ON.
Cleaning is in progress.
None. The cleaning cartridge will eject on completion.
The cleaning cycle can take up to 5 minutes to complete.
The drive believes the current tape or the tape just ejected is faulty.
Unload the tape cartridge. Make sure that the correct format cartridge is being used; an Ultrium data cartridge or Ultrium universal cleaning cartridge.
Reload the cartridge. If the Tape LED still flashes or starts flashing during the next backup, load a new or known good cartridge.
If the Tape LED is now off, discard the 'suspect' tape cartridge. If it is still on, call for service.
The tape is ejected immediately and Tape FLASHES, or Drive FLASHES on unloading tape.
The tape cartridge memory (CM) may be faulty.
Write-protect the cartridge by sliding the switch on the tape cartridge. The tape can be loaded and the data read. Once the data is recovered, the cartridge must be discarded.
The drive mechanism has detected an error.
Load a new cartridge. If the error persists, power cycle or reset the drive.
If the Drive LED remains on, call for service.
Drive, Tape and Ready FLASH.
There is a firmware download problem.
Insert a cartridge to clear the LED sequence. If the condition persists, call for service.
Drive and Ready ON with Tape and Clean OFF. Alternates repeatedly.
The drive has a firmware error.
Power cycle or reset the drive.
Upgrade the firmware. If the condition persists, call for service.

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