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HP ProLiant DL140 G3 Server - Shows Yellow Marks on Embedded Broadcom NIC, Installation Cannot Continue


When installing Microsoft Windows 2003 x64, the driver for the Broadcom NIC was installed. Now the network controller does not work at all, and a yellow mark is displayed for the NIC. This issue can occur on any of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems supported on the HP ProLiant DL140 Generation 3 (G3) Server.

The HP ProLiant DL140 G3 server's new installation is not able to connect to the network and some drivers in Device Manager are showing a yellow mark.


Look for the Software Support CD or ISO image available at HP website for the HP ProLiant DL140 G3 to obtain the latest CD. When this article was written, the latest HP ProLiant DL140 G3 Software Support CD is version 3.00 a.

Extract the drivers from the CD for both the chipset and network and install them. It is necessary to include not only the network driver, but also the chipset driver. The Support CD contains updated option drivers for all operating systems, and the CD is now bootable into HP Insight Diagnostics.

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