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HP Scanjet G2410 Flatbed Scanner - Scan to a PDF file

This section applies to HP Scanjet G2710 Photo Scanner only.

Use the Scan to PDF button ( ) to scan a document or picture and save it as a PDF file.

  1. Place the original face down on the scanner glass, as indicated by the reference mark.

  2. Press the Scan to PDF button ( ). The What are you scanning? dialog box appears.

  3. Under the What are you scanning? heading, click Document , and then select one of the following options:

    • Color – This is the default setting.

    • Grayscale – This option converts any colored original to grayscale, and creates a smaller file size than the Color option.

    • Black & White – This is the best option for scanning a black and white graphic, but it is not suitable for color or grayscale originals if you want to preserve detail.

  4. Click Scan.

  5. When you are finished with that page, place the next page on the glass and click Scan to scan another document or page.

  6. When you are finished with all pages, click Done . After you click Done , the software sends the scanned file to the specified location.

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