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HP MediaSmart Server - Connecting the Server

This document applies to HP MediaSmart Server EX470 and EX475.

How you connect the HP MediaSmart Server to your network depends on the network configuration.

Figure 1: Connecting the HP MediaSmart Server to the network

Connecting the HP MediaSmart Server to the network
1 - Router
2 - HP MediaSmart Server
3 - Desktop PC
4 - Laptop PC
5 - Switch

This example shows a broadband router connecting the following:

  • HP MediaSmart Server
  • Desktop computer
  • Laptop with a wireless adapter
  • TV connected to a network-enabled media streaming device, such as an Xbox 360
  • Remote users connecting to the HP MediaSmart Server and home network through an Internet browser

The server requires a DHCP-enabled router to get its IP address. By default, most routers include a DHCP server. For more information, check your router documentation.

CAUTION: If you have wireless functionality on your network, be sure to enable your router’s security settings, such as WPA or WEP, to protect your network. See the documentation that came with your router.

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