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HP Flat Panel Monitors - Access Denied Error Opens when Installing HP Monitor Software in Vista

This document pertains to HP and Compaq monitors with HP My Display software being used on computers with Windows Vista.

When installing the software from the HP My Display disc, the following error message appears during found new hardware:

Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device

Access is denied.

Figure 1: Access denied error

The HP monitor uses Plug-and-Play and may not require that driver files be installed on the computer. This is especially true if you are using an HP computer. However, if the computer repeatedly displays the Access is denied messages and Windows does not properly recognize the monitor, then use the following steps to restart the monitor Plug-and-Play process in a less restrictive environment:

  1. Open Windows using an account with administrative privileges. For most computers, this is a normal startup - that is, the first or only account that was created when the computer was initially set up. However, if you are using an account with restricted access, you must to obtain administrative access before continuing.

  2. Temporarily disable User Account Control:

    1. Click Start , and enter account in the Start Search field.

      A User Accounts window opens to make changes to your user account.

    2. Click Turn User Control on or off.

    3. Remove the selection from Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer.

    4. Click OK and restart the computer.

  3. After Windows opens, click Start , and enter Device Manager in the Start Search field.

  4. If a Monitors category is available, click the plus sign next to Monitors, select and delete any monitors listed.

  5. If an Other devices category is available, click the plus sign next to Other devices and delete any unknown or generic monitors that are listed.

  6. Close Device Manager and restart the computer, making sure to log on with administrative rights.

  7. Windows opens and attempts to find new hardware for your monitor (Plug-and-Play). If a window opens asking for files, click the Browse button and browse to C:\Windows\System32 or insert the HP My Display disc.

  8. If this error persists, go to the HP My Display Troubleshooting page Non-HP site (in English) to download a patch. Read the instructions on this page to download and install the software patch.

  9. Enable User Account Control (see Step 2).

NOTE: The HP My Display software is optional software that you can use to download drivers, fine tune the display, access monitor tools, and to enable the pivot feature (physically grasping the screen and turning it 90 degrees and the image automatically rotates). If your monitor does not have pivot or you do not want to use the autopivot feature, then you do not need to install HP My Display software - it is optional.

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