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HP ProLiant BL, DL, and ML Server Series - How to Retrieve Hard Drive Failure Events on Low-End ProLiant Servers


The low-end HP ProLiant Server series ML, DL and BL have no HP management agents available to load on top of the operating system. For that reason, drive failure reporting is not available as an SNMP trap from that server.


However, if the low-end HP ProLiant ML, DL or BL server has an onboard/embedded or stand-up PCI card with a supported Serial ATA (SATA) RAID function that is supported by the HP Storage Manager software, then this enables the SNMP, and an email alert functionality for drive failures from within the operating system.

There is an email alert functionality built into the HP Storage Manager, so emails are sent out when the drive logical state is changing, and the drives are failing.

The requirements for HP Storage Manager to manage the array are (only for SATA RAID enabled volumes):

  1. Enable SATA RAID before installing on the BIOS.

  2. Configure SATA RAID volumes during POST using the Storage Manager.

  3. Install the operating system using the RAID enabled software driver.

  4. Enable, and configure SNMP on the operating system.

  5. Install HP Storage Manager after the operating system is installed.

For more information about HP Storage Manager, visit the HP Business Support Center website, and search for "HP Storage Manager":

Click here to go to the HP Business Support Center .

HP Storage Manager can be downloaded from the Software & Driver Downloads section of the specific HP ProLiant server model page.

Click here to access the Software and Driver Download page for HP ProLiant servers from the HP Business Support Center web site .

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