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HP Device Manager - Overview

Product description

HP Device Manager is enterprise-class thin client management software that allows customers to view their thin client assets remotely and to manipulate those thin clients to meet the required business need.


Product features

Model number
Thin client management
  • Asset and inventory management

  • Thin client settings and connection cloning

  • Software updates

  • Patch and client updates

  • Remote control

  • Remote power management

Software components
HP Device Manager Console
This is the User Interface. Several consoles can interact with a Device Manager server. The console allows system administrators to view details for each controlled device, organize device trees, create and maintain remote job definitions, and monitor tasks sent out to devices.
HP Device Manager Server
The server controls agents through the Device Manager gateway. Tasks, stored as Knowledge Templates on the server, can be sent to each agent through each agent's respective gateway to perform commands as required. Device Manager requires a DBMS (Access, mySQL, MS-SQL 2000 or MS-SQL 2005).
HP Device Manager Gateway
The gateway serves as the link between devices and the Device Manager server. Devices register with the gateway when they are started. The system installed with the gateway also normally contains the PXE Server installed by the HP Device Manager.
The agent software component is installed on client devices so that HP Device Manager can interact with them. These agents are embedded into each HP Neoware thin client operating system to enable Device Manager to manage them out-of-the-box. These agents get task commands, execute the commands and report on their status.
FTP Server
The FTP server is where files are stored in a repository of components, images, etc. that can be uploaded from or downloaded to the agents at the request of the server.
Software features
  • Auto registration of devices and gateways

  • Manual discovery - optional

  • Auditing and reporting tools:

    • Multiple formats - CSV, Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML

    • Task data

    • Device data

  • Online/Offline status

  • Supports existing snap-ins

  • OS imaging:

    • Operating system upgrades

    • Image cloning PXE and PXEless

    • Bare-metal provisioning

  • Connection management:

    • Configure on device, clone, deploy

    • Citrix, RDP, TeemTalk, Web

  • System settings:

    • Dialogs for commonly used settings

    • Display, Network, Time

  • Native scripting and commands

  • Power management:

    • Reboot

    • Shutdown

    • Wake-on-LAN

  • Help desk and troubleshooting:

    • Shadowing

    • PING

    • Trace-Route

  • User and group management:

    • Limit executable functions

    • Distribute administration

  • Repository management: Copy files to different FTP repositories


Software overview

Supported platforms
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 – DM Server

  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 and 2003 – DM Console, Gateway and FTP Repository

Supported HP thin client platforms
  • t5135, t5145

  • t5325

  • t5335z

  • t5400

  • t5520, t5530, t5540, t5545, t5550, t5565, t5565z, t5570 and t5570e

  • t5630, t5630w

  • t5730, t5730w, t5735, t5740, t5745, t5740e

  • gt7720, gt7725

  • 6720t, 2533t, 4410t, 4320t, 6360t

  • t510, t610


Links to product specification and warranty information

Specifications :

Click here to view the HP Device Manager's specification's page .

Warranty information :

HP provides software technical support for HP Software, HP pre-installed third-party software and third-party software purchased from HP and is available through electronic media and telephone, for 90 days from date of purchase.

Click here to view more information about warranty .


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