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HP Lights-Out 100 (LO100) Remote Management - How to Reset a Forgotten Lights-Out 100 Password


The end-user forgot or lost the admin password to Lights-Out 100 (LO100).


Upgrade the firmware for the BMC (Lights-Out 100) and it will automatically reset the admin password to the default (that is, username:admin, password:admin).

If end-user currently have the latest BMC firmware version, downgrade the BMC firmware, and then re-upgrade.

Two versions of the BMC firmware are available at the HP website, under Software and Drivers. Look for your specific HP ProLiant 1xx series server under Firmware - Management.

This resolution was tested on the HP ProLiant ML110G3, DL145G2, and DL140G2, and should work for most Lights-Out 100 products.

This resolution may not work with later generations of the Lights-Out 100 products. If this resolution does not work, try the resolution in iQ-27503.

Lights-Out 100 is used in HP ProLiant 1xx series of servers and its firmware and hardware are different from RiLOE, iLO, or iLO2.

A more complex solution is offered at the HPSC, forums document DL140 G2 ILO Password Problem.

Click here to visit the HPSC forum page for DL140 G2 ILO Password Problem at


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